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Looking for a quick opportunity to volunteer?

Check our ongoing list of opportunities below. Click on the Sign Up link and get involved now!

Meet Some of Our Volunteers!

Volunteer Spotlight | Margaret Lacey

Volunteer Spotlight | Margaret Lacey

I have been volunteering in the office since April of 2019. By the time the office closed for COVID, I was working all day on Fridays as the Friday volunteer coordinator. When we closed, I continued...

Volunteer Spotlight | Pat Canady

Volunteer Spotlight | Pat Canady

After decades of hard work and political organization here in Tucson, Pat Canady is leaving Arizona to be closer to her family in Connecticut. Canady has been a PC for twenty years in what is now...

Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

- What are some of your favorite tasks here in the office?There are times when I really like making phone calls, if it's something I'm passionate about. I like finding out about what's going on with...

Other ways to get involved

If you live in Pima County, you live in one of the seven Legislative Districts (LD) that are partially or fully inside Pima County.

Volunteering with both County
and your LD is effective!


Precinct Committepersons are responsible for organizing neighborhoods, ensuring great voter engagement, and turning out the vote on every block. Filling all the vacancies is important for full representation. You first term is appointed, after that PC’s gather signatures to become Elected PC’s.

Elected PCs vote for the leadership in Legislative Districts and County Party.

Clubs and Caucuses are great places to meet like minded people who share a common specific cause.

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