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PCDP works to elect Democratic candidates in Pima County who have values in alignment with the PCDP Platform, and we provide leadership and coordination for the election of Democrats up and down the ballot.

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Grassroots donations are our single largest source of funding. That means our supporters drive the work we do on the ground.
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 Tucson mural “Let The Light In” by Jessica Gonzales | Photo by Lisa Harris

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Headquarters open
Monday – Thursday 10 – 4

 closed Fri July 1 thru Mon July 4

Primary Election

Ballot Mailing Date – July 6, 2022
In Person Voting – August 2, 2022

General Election

Ballot Mailing Date – October 12, 2022
In Person Voting – November 8, 2022

Special Events

for all of Pima County

Election Integrity Info Session

Come find out how ballots are really handled and counted. Get ideas on how you can talk with voters about how secure our local systems really are. Learn what new…

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Tucson mural “Forget Me Not” by Fin Dac | Photo by BG Boyd

Democracy Is On The Ballot


Some white women are so happy to do the work of white supremacy & I don't understand what they think happens next. Because fundamentally this road leads to them losing power.

Ashlei King @AshleiKing

It is officially illegal to get an abortion in the State of Arkansas. #ARnews

If a pro-life politician crowing about today’s decision ever paid for your abortion and it feels like the right time to talk about it, my email is

1 in 4 women in the US will get an abortion at some point.

For all the men out there:

These are women you know, whether you know it or not.

These are women you respect and admire and trust and work with - who had to face a decision you will never have to face.

You can't have normal folks coexisting legally with states run by vicious, cruel white christian nationalists, without federal regulations and rights guarantees, while the former are disenfranchised and their votes count for less. The country won't hold together. /5

Sens. Warren and Smith urge Biden to declare public health emergency following abortion ruling

Abortion is now illegal in six states -- Arkansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma.

It look less than 10 hours for the Republican states to make a law about women, but we're still not ready to have the gun control conversation.

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The Supreme Court overturning Roe is sickening. Anyone who knows of the many back street abortions before Roe realizes we are going back there now. Anti-abortion laws do not end abortions. It just makes them much more dangerous for women of limited means. Those laws are also highly discriminatory because if you have the economic means you can go to a state where abortions are safe and legal. Our legislature must make abortion part of good health care, because it is. That will only happen if you vote for Democrats for the legislature and governor. As a pastor I know no one wants to have an abortion. It is a heart wrenching decision. But it is a decision to be made only with the woman and her doctor without legislative interference. It is part of good health care.I am endorsed by AZ NOW. #CodifyRoe #VoteBlueIn2022 #VoteInNovember #VoteBlue2022 #AZLeg ... See MoreSee Less
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