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On December 7th, the county wide committee of Precinct Committeepersons revised our by-laws and adopted our official PCDP Platform. You can read them here. In the future, you will find them under the About tab in the main menu.


for all of Pima County
“Nobody is Above the Law” Tucson Rally hosted by

“Nobody is Above the Law” Tucson Rally hosted by

When:Dec 17th, 2019 4:30-6:00pm Where: US District Court Building 405 W Congress Join this historic nationwide mobilization on the eve of Trump's impeachment vote: RSVP for an event near you or sign up to host one. Events will be visible, family-friendly, public...

Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes from the Chair | Dec. 2019

Notes from the Chair | Dec. 2019

December Notes from the Chair By Alison Jones As we head into the holiday season, I will be thinking about the people we are fighting for as Democrats. They are the reason we do what we do. I am from Louisiana, where an advancing Gulf of Mexico is claiming entire...

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Cat Ripley –

Executive Director

PCDP Year-end Wrap-up

PCDP Year-end Wrap-up

By Executive Director Cat Ripley Dearest Pima Democrats, We, at PCDP HQ, wish you all a FABULOUS holiday season!  These past two months have been abuzz with activity – for which we were well prepared – culminating in the historic inauguration of Tucson’s FIRST LATINA...

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Delegate Selection for the DNC 2020 Convention

Delegate Selection for the DNC 2020 Convention

in Milwaukee July 13-16 If you would like to try to be a delegate or if you are just interested in how delegates are chosen, this workshop is for you. Summer may seem far away, but now is the time to start finding about how delegates are picked and how to be part of...

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LD9 Update – Summer 2019

It’s been a hot summer for voter registration! Teams have been trying out new ideas, partnering with other LDs, and the Field Team 6 organization. LD9 teams tried voter registration at laundromats in July, which they’ll repeat in September or October.

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As Democrats, we value honesty, transparency, and equal treatment. We should remember to practice those values in our nominating processes as well.

This piece from @rtraister is worth the read:

Arizona’s U.S. House Democrats passed yet another bill to lower the cost of prescription drugs. U.S. Reps. Ruben Gallego, Raúl Grijalva, Ann Kirkpatrick, Tom O’Halleran, and Greg Stanton, each voted to support the bill to lower prescription drug costs.

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