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PCDP works to elect Democratic candidates in Pima County who have values in alignment with the PCDP Platform, and we provide leadership and coordination for the election of Democrats up and down the ballot.

Elect Democrats

Grassroots donations are our single largest source of funding. That means our supporters drive the work we do on the ground.
Help us continue the work!

 Tucson mural “Let The Light In” by Jessica Gonzales | Photo by Lisa Harris

Please call or email the office.

Headquarters open
Monday – Friday 10 – 4

Beginning Jan. 7
Saturday-Sunday open 9-12 

Special Events

for all of Pima County

Harambee Festival

Fun event held by the Dunbar Pavillion in honor of Black History Month! PCDP will have a table during the festival with voter information and registration sheets. Contact us to…

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Tucson mural “Forget Me Not” by Fin Dac | Photo by BG Boyd

Democracy Is On The Ballot


We are a month into Kevin McCarthy's Extreme MAGA Majority and the House of Representatives has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of Arizonans.

No action on inflation.

No action on guns.

Just political stunts and billionaire tax cuts.

“The Colorado River is drying up due to a combination of chronic overuse of water resources and a historic drought. The dry period has lasted more than two decades, spurred by a warming climate primarily due to humans burning fossil fuels.“

Don’t miss What is a Democratic Precinct Chair? with @TrainDems. Join me for this FREE training event to build blue power in your community #TrainDems

Voters love ❤️ #RankedChoiceVoting (RCV). You get to vote for who you want while mitigating vote splitting, candidates get to compete without being labeled “spoilers,” and it ensures a winner with an absolute majority (>50%). All of this👆plus this👇 👍

#RankedChoiceVoting breaks down 🔨 barriers to entry in politics by:
1️⃣ Reducing toxic, negative campaigning
2️⃣ Eliminating fears of the 'spoiler effect'
3️⃣ Replacing traditional runoffs so you don't need as much money 💵 to run for office

AZ's Superintendent of Public Instructions, Tom Horne has a history of lawlessness, and virtually every leader in Arizona has denounced him - yet here he is, leading our public schools. These are just a few facts about Horne.

Fix leaky pipes. Modernize agriculture. And yes, make toilets more efficient: @markgongloff offers practical solutions for preserving the Colorado River via @opinion

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On January 20th, 2023, I was privileged to tour the new 911 call center. I listened in to a few of the incoming calls. I heard about how important it was to have facilities of this caliber. I heard about how the level of coordination and efficiency we can achieve makes all the difference. I spoke directly with the team about the amazing work they are doing day in and day out. They have it covered from the art on the walls that feature these everyday heroes to a gratitude wall and sensory room. This facility also features a gym and brand-new training equipment designed to give new recruits a chance to practice in an environment like the one they will work in. Our first responders and dispatchers at the Public Safety Communications Department are here for you and better equipped than ever to handle any incoming crisis.#Tucson #arizona #hero #TPD #tucsonpolice #tucsonfire #pscd #pscdteam #cityoftucson #publicsafety #publicsafetyfamily #publicsafetypartners #hereforyou ... See MoreSee Less
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Vouchers are really just private school coupons for Arizona's wealthy. 92% of AZ kids "choose" public schools. Fund them. ... See MoreSee Less
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