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Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Letter from the Chair | August 2019

Letter from the Chair | August 2019

The radical right fanned the flames of racism by pretending it did not exist. We became the only First-World nation where you can go bankrupt if you get sick. They denied science and the value of education, replacing them with religious dogma. And somewhere along the way, corporations became people and money became speech.
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Cat Ripley –

Executive Director

HQ Happenings | August 2019

HQ Happenings | August 2019

Great turnout for our Democratic Mayoral Candidate Debate at Rincon University H.S.! Nearly 900 people showed up to watch and listen to our three candidates. Christopher "Buzz" Conover moderated a lively round of questions volleyed between the three candidates, Regina Romero, Randi Dorman, and Steve Farley. Look at our FB Live post to see the entire debate if you missed it!
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Speaker Series – August 2019

Speaker Series – August 2019

by Greer Warren PCDP’s new speaker series, Civics 2.0: What They Didn’t Teach in Middle School, kicked off on July 21 with Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik addressing the question: Tucson City Council: What is it and why do I care? Civics 2.0 is a free series open to...

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LD11 Update – August 2019

LD11 Update – August 2019

LD11 has been working with Field Team 6 to register voters in Tucson and the surrounding area. We have held two 2 day events, the latest being on July 22 and July 23. Gil Wier from our Voter Registration and Contact Issue Action Committee is coordinating the events and he reports that a total of 234 forms for voters have been submitted to the Pima County Recorders Office.
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Meet Joel Feinman, Your Second Vice Chair | July 2019

Meet Joel Feinman, Your Second Vice Chair | July 2019

By Mike Tully en español An aspiring writer became a warrior for justice after what he calls the “most formative experience of my life.” It was 2001. Pima County Democratic Party Second Vice Chair Joel Feinman was in El Salvador interviewing survivors of that...

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The @uarizona is showing folks how to do it! UA and @TEPenergy teaming up on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is good for the planet and good for our community.


.@SenMcSallyAZ has been fined for hiding donors and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions.

Arizonans deserve better from our elected officials than Sen. McSally's repeated campaign finance lawbreaking. https://t.co/BJ0ZsAx0Yr #azsen

I am attending the 2019 League Annual Conference. Great to see everyone and I am grateful to meet and greet Council-members from across the State. My appreciation for the hospitality from the UA Plumbers and Pipefitters 469. #AZLD2 @AzCities #LACT19

.@aditinnnn from Phoenix is in support of a #ClimateDebate.

“As a life threatening emergency, [the climate crisis] should be given more time.”

@luisheredia @sierrayamanaka @dougballard1

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