Request To Speak (RTS)

Looking for something to do that is more effective than marching, but doesn’t involve knocking on doors?

One of the best ways to communicate your position on Arizona legislation is via the Request to Speak (RTS) system. State legislators view RTS positions and comments, and sometimes refer to them during debates in committees or on the floor. They become part of the public record. 

Please note that while the name “Request to Speak” suggests otherwise, using the RTS system does not mean you actually have to speak in support or opposition for a bill in committee hearing or attend the hearing (although, you may, if you would like).

The system is designed to collect public input electronically, so that all can provide support or opposition to bills – regardless of whether they are physically at the State Capitol or not.

The organization Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is making this SUPER easy. Usually, you have to visit either the AZ Capitol Building or Downtown Tucson to activate your RTS account in person. But CEBV is doing the legwork for you!

To help you stay informed on the bills before you start registering your opinions:

Do you really want to do the legwork yourself? Ok!
Sign up for your RTS account here

Then you need to activate your account, at one of these two locations.
Hot tip! Our RTS Trainers say it is best to call the Tucson office before going,
to make sure the office is open. 520 398 6000

Got your activated account?
Watch this short video to understand the system.
We can help!
Join a  Request to Speak training session!
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