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Sign Petitions!

At PCDP we have referendums that still require signatures; these petitions cannot be signed online.
Depending on the availability of these petitions, you may be able to circulate them yourself by signing them out from our front desk.

Stay Informed

If you would like to keep track of all of the initiatives, referenda, constitutional amendments and recall efforts,
you can check out the always-updating AZ Secretary of State’s list of filed applications:

Petition Training

What is an Initiative?

A process of collecting and verifying signatures that allows citizens to propose a new statute or constitutional amendment

Voters say “Hey we have an idea, let’s vote on THIS.”

What is a Referendum?

A process of collecting and verifying signatures that allows citizens to refer a law that passed the legislature to the ballot for voters to decide whether to uphold or repeal the law; this process is available in 26 states, including Arizona.

Voters say “We’re not sure we like what you just passed Legislature. We want to vote on it!”

What is a Petition?

The physical, legal document used when collecting signatures for initiatives and referenda.

The paper on the clipboard. (Turns into boxes of papers!)

Who is a Circulator?

An individual who gathers signatures for a candidate, ballot initiative, or citizens’ referendum. Qualifications vary depending on the purpose of gathering signatures. Some petitions may require the circulator to “check in/out” when they pick up their materials.

The person holding the clipboard.

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