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Legislative District 20

Notary Hours Update

We've had a recent change in our notary schedule. A newsletter post sent on 8/4 said that we would have a notary in the office every Friday from 10am-12pm. That has now changed. We will now have a notary in the office every Monday from 10am to 12pm. Thank you for your...

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Stop Universal School Vouchers

What happened in the legislature As you may already know, HB2853 was signed into law. This universal school voucher expansion program, if it isn't stopped, will be the first of its kind in the United States and the death knell for public...

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Notes from the Chair | July, 2022

The temperature outside is letting us know summer has begun. Not only is the temperature heating up, but so are the midterm elections. This midterm election, and every election for the next 10 years, Pima County Democratic candidates are going to be challenged. No...

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Meetings are the 4th Monday of the month at 6pm

LD20 Events

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Anakarina Rodriguez

First Vice Chair
Leslie Stalc

Second Vice Chair
Michael Bryan

Maria Hinojosa

Corresponding Secretary
Rosemary Bolza

Recording Secretary
Beth Mitchneck


Betts Putnam-Hidalgo

Beth Mitchneck

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LD 20 Representatives in the Arizona Legislature

Until the new representatives are elected for LD20, constituents are still represented by the elected officials in your old LD district. Please refer to your old LD page.

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