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Bonnie Heidler


Bonnie Heidler

Retired – Project Management

Tucson Opinion: What is Freedom?

By Bonnie Heidler Special to the Arizona Daily Star “Freedom is not the right to do as we please, but rather the opportunity to please to do what is right.” (The Rev. Peter Marshall, in a prayer before the U. S. Senate, April 25, 1947) In the U.S., we are free to...

Notes from the Chair | June 2021

by Bonnie Heidler The Republican-led Arizona state legislature, having failed to pass a budget in time for this session to end, returned on June 10 to continue this debate. The good news is that the votes weren’t there for a 2.5% flat tax, another scheme to enrich the...

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First Vice Chair

Zoey Fife

Technical Consultant

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Second Vice Chair

Kalyanraman Bharathan

Retired – Econ. & Systems Engineer

Brian Bickel


Brian Bickel

Retired – Healthcare CEO

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Recording Secretary

Morgan Graham

Legal Assistant

Maria Parsons

Corresponding Secretary

Maria Parsons


Leave a message for any officer at Headquarters (520) 326-3716

Read about the Officers’ responsibilities and requirements in our bylaws.


4639 E. First St., Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone (520) 326-3716
Fax (520) 322-5461

Headquarters Team

Miranda Lopez


Miranda C. Lopez

HQ Update | August 2020

I’m so excited to have been chosen to serve as your new Executive Director. After nearly two decades serving our country overseas as a Foreign Service Officer, this election was too important to stay neutral. We witnessed a demonstration of America’s potential last week, this is the correct choice for this moment in history.

Though we’re still largely virtual, HQ operations continue apace. We’ve installed security cameras and are servicing the A/C system and computers. Leila and I are at HQ M-Sa and limited volunteers are here afternoons M-F.

Miranda Lopez

Operations Coordinator

Alexus Dudoit

Bill Laray

Operations manager

Bill Laray

Bill Laray

Digital & Social media Strategist

SD Goode

Bill Laray

Website & Communications 

Jenni Pagano

Meet Our Interns!

PCDP Partners at Headquarters

Field Organizer – Project 15/30

Vivian Morrison

Vivian Morrison is currently a Field Organizer for the Arizona Democratic Party’s new year-round organizing program called Project 15/30, organizing for Pima County in LDs 3,4,9, & 11. Prior to this, Vivian was a Field Organizer for Mission for Arizona during the 2020 election year and has been involved with other advocacy groups such as NextGen America, Planned Parenthood Arizona, Sierra Club, and others. Outside of her organizing experience, she has worked in a number of planetary science research offices including NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission as an Image Processing Analyst and NASA Space Grant Intern. Vivian hopes to continue to build community resilience and power through local organizing and advocacy.

Field Organizer – Project 15/30

Lauren Burson

Lauren Burson is currently a Field Organizer for the Arizona Democratic Party’s new year-round organizing program called Project 15/30, organizing for Pima County in LDs 2,10, & 14. Lauren worked for Mission for Arizona’s Out-of-State team during the 2020 election cycle and has previously worked with the White Mountain Democrats in Pinetop, AZ. Lauren has lived all across Arizona, is a graduate of NAU, is new to Tucson, and is excited to work with all of the wonderful communities that Pima County has to offer. If you see Lauren, please recommend your favorite local restaurant and show her cute pictures of your dogs.

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