Ways to Get Involved
Pima County Democratic Party

Join the Pima Dems Team as a Volunteer!

Be Part of Building a Democratic Future

The Pima County Democratic Party’s Office of Volunteers invites you to put your outrage into action by volunteering for the Democratic Party.

There is much work to be done.  We welcome all, and will make every effort to assign you a meaningful job that suits your interests and talents.

Among the people we need are project organizers, event planners, postcard and letter writers, help-desk volunteers, graphic designers, translators and people with basic data-entry skills.  If you have a skill we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to hear from you as well.  Training and support are available to all our volunteers.

Join the Pima Dems Team as a PC!

PC Application – 2014 Arizona Revised Statutes Section 16, Chapter 5, Article 2 defines the role of “Precinct Committeeman” (AZ Democratic Party calls them “Precinct Committee Persons”) as:

E. The minimum duties of a precinct committeeman shall be to assist the precinct committeeman’s political party in voter registration and to assist the voters of that political party to vote on election days. Additional duties shall be as provided for in the state committee bylaws of the precinct committeeman’s political party.

The most significant way you can get involved with the Democratic Party is by becoming a PC!  PCs are responsible for organizing their neighborhood, making sure we have great voter engagement and turnout in every block!

Elected PCs are also eligible to vote and run for leadership positions in their Legislative District and County Party. 

Download the PC Application form, fill it out and either:

Send by USPS  to:
Pima County Democratic Party 
4639 E. First Street
Tucson, Arizona 85711


Attach the completed from to an email to:
info@pimadems.org with the subject “PC Form” 

Either way we will and we’ll follow up with additional steps to take!

Attend a Legislative District Meeting!

If you live in Pima County, then you live in one of the seven Legislative Districts (LD) that are partially or fully inside of Pima County.  If you do not know which Legislative District you are in you can Find Your District by entering your address here.  Most of the Legislative Districts in Pima County have a monthly meeting.  Attending one of these meetings will give you the opportunity to connect with people who live in your LD.   Frequently there are speakers at these meetings, including elected officials, candidates, subject matter experts, etc.  At these meetings you will usually hear about other ways to GET INVOLVED.

You can find out more about your Pima County Legislative District here:
Legislative District 2
Legislative District 3
Legislative District 4
Legislative District 9
Legislative District 10
Legislative District 11
Legislative District 14


Attend a Democratic Club Meeting!

There are a number of Democratic Clubs in the Pima County area that meet on a regular basis.  Attend one of these meetings and you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded community members and hear a variety of speakers, including elected officials, candidates, subject matter experts, etc.  At these meetings you will usually find out about other ways to GET INVOLVED.

You can find a full list of Pima County Democratic Clubs and Caucuses here.