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Volunteer Spotlight | Mary Ellen Martinez

Volunteer Spotlight | Mary Ellen Martinez

I began volunteering in March of this year, and I’m in my observation stage at this point. We get a lot of questions from people in Pima County. If I were to pinpoint the task I enjoy best, it would be dealing with the public and coming to the plate for them along with making and implementing changes in the office for a smooth running crew. There’s lot’s to learn and I am really fortunate to be working with great team-orientated volunteers, and of course my main girl Miranda Lopez. 

I was inspired to start volunteering when the shots rang out at Safeway on Oracle and Ina. I was loading my car up and planning to stop by the Gabby meet and greet on my way to see a new client. They were just across the street from my house, and my friend Gabe Zimmerman was going to be there. We had worked on a few things together as I have a soft spot for the elderly and he was great at pushing my causes forward. Gabe died that day, and in many ways so did the community around us. My family had a front row seat to the protests and the media as they parked along my drive. The ask was simple and the reaction was hard to process. This is when I decided to move from voting to action. It took me some time to find my way to the Pima County Democratic Party headquarters. Civics was not my strong suit. When I got the call, I found a place I could sink my talent into. I guess I have Gabe to thank for that. 

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Mary Ellen! We’re glad to have you.

Director’s Cut | June, 2022

Director’s Cut | June, 2022

PCDP Director Miranda Lopez

Can you believe we are already halfway through 2022? With less than six months until the midterms, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the work you have done this year.

Through our office’s efforts, we have not only ensured that Pima County will have 425 elected Democratic Precinct Committee members for the ‘22-’24 cycle, but we are leading the charge in regards to fighting for reproductive rights by being the center of petition activity in Pima County.

Our volunteers who staff the office are our civically-minded librarians who greet visitors and answer their questions using a wide variety of resources. Keeping all of our volunteers organized can be tricky, but our new Team Leader volunteer program is making it a lot easier!

Team Leaders will help to train new volunteers, learn our office opening and closing procedures, assume a managerial role during their shifts, be the main point of contact for volunteers, and will have special access to PCDP data systems.

Because of this extra help, I have been able to work on launching our Discussion for Democracy forum series with Democratic candidates running for offices up and down the ballot. You can check our D4D page here, where we have posted all of our recordings of these forums. Our last forum will be in person this Saturday, June 11 at 1pm at the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. You can go here for more information.

In addition to candidate forums and volunteer leadership, I’ve also been working with our fundraising team to launch our First Wednesday fundraisers, and to prepare for our Fall Udall dinner on September 17th at the Desert Diamond Casino.

June is expected to be one of our busiest months here at the office because of the ballot initiative deadlines; people will be relying on our office to get their petitions notarized and to turn in their signatures. Right now we have five different ballot initiatives, all of which will need hundreds of thousands of signatures to qualify for the ballot. If you haven’t already done so, please consider circulating these petitions among your friends and family. You can either stop by our office or check out our website for more information.

I’m so glad to be serving as your Director, and I’m looking forward to the excitement of such an important election year!

State Committee Meeting, Public Forum, and More

State Committee Meeting, Public Forum, and More

What a way to start the day!

Today we were joined at the PCDP office headquarters by more than 70 volunteers and staff from Pima County Democrats, Mission for Arizona, and the Arizona Democratic Party!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped us launch this event so successfully! A special shoutout to our Volunteer Team Leaders Mary Ellen “Emi” Martinez, Chris Criley, Kathleen Edelman, and Margaret Lacey!

At 9am, we heard from AZ Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán, Pima County Party Chair Bonnie Heidler, and Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick on the critical role of volunteers to turn out the vote in November. Now it is important for us to lay the groundwork so that when the right time arrives our efforts will efficiently turn out voters.

Left to right: ADP Chair Raquel Terán, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (2011 CD2), and PCDP Chair Bonnie Heidler

After hearing from our speakers, more than 20 canvassers launched from the office to go out and talk to Democrats about the midterms!

PCDP Chair Bonnie Heidler, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (2011 CD2), ADP Chair Raquel Terán, and Mission for Arizona volunteers and staff right before the 9am canvass launch

Then at 12pm the Arizona Democratic Party’s hybrid State Committee Meeting commenced. There were watch party locations all over the state, including here at the office where Democrats were invited to watch and participate.

During the State Committee Meeting, we also heard from Senator Mark Kelly and Britney Fonteno, the president of Arizona Planned Parenthood. They reiterated the urgency of what is happening throughout the country; the stakes have never been higher!

Finally, our Communications Director Shelly moderated a virtual Discussion 4 Democrats forum with Superintendent Kathy Hoffman. Superintendent Hoffman discussed the future of Arizona educators and took questions from the audience. You can watch the entire forum on our Discussion 4 Democracy page here.

With less than six months until the November election, today’s events re-energized Democrats all over the state! We are ready to buckle down and do the work that is needed. We ask that all Democrats in Pima County take a moment to think about how they can best support us, whether financially or through volunteering. Your engagement will increase the number of conversations that we have with voters in Pima County!

Click the links below

Volunteer in the PCDP office
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Spotlight | Margaret Lacey

Volunteer Spotlight | Margaret Lacey

I have been volunteering in the office since April of 2019. By the time the office closed for COVID, I was working all day on Fridays as the Friday volunteer coordinator.

When we closed, I continued to volunteer from home by checking voicemail messages and responding to callers. Those days, in the summer before the 2020 election, we had many callers with a variety of urgent needs, and that was a very rewarding time for me, as I would do my best to find solutions to problems such as registering newcomers who could not get an AZ license (which meant they could not register to vote) to just being an empathetic person on the other end of the line. I still enjoy trying to solve problems of voters who either call or come to the office.

I am a lifelong Democrat, and I joined the second Obama campaign in 2012 because a friend of mine recruited me to work in Headquarters as a shift manager. In those days we didn’t have MiniVan so one of my jobs was entering call sheet data. I also greeted and trained new volunteers, some who were too young to even vote. I enjoy being part of an energized team.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Margaret!

Volunteer Spotlight | Pat Canady

Volunteer Spotlight | Pat Canady

After decades of hard work and political organization here in Tucson, Pat Canady is leaving Arizona to be closer to her family in Connecticut.

Canady has been a PC for twenty years in what is now Precinct 218, and has been incredibly active in the party. She served on the state committee for five years, and was Vice Chair of LD 30 (now LD 10). She was also an elected delegate for President Obama’s 2008 convention, and because of her volunteer work, was one of three volunteers in the state invited to the White House Christmas party, and met with both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama face to face. While in DC in 2010, she had coffee with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Over the years, she has worked with many local campaigns, including Kirsten Engel, Nikki Lee, and Regina Romero, and has been involved in nearly every level of state government. She has loved the people she’s met and worked with dearly, and wants to thank her husband and family for their support and hard work.

The Pima County Democratic Party is incredibly grateful for all her years of service to her community, and wishes her the best of luck in Connecticut! We’ll miss you Pat!

Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

– What are some of your favorite tasks here in the office?

There are times when I really like making phone calls, if it’s something I’m passionate about. I like finding out about what’s going on with the party, and getting to know people who are involved has been really rewarding for me. That’s true whenever I volunteer, because the staffs are always so welcoming, and that gives me hope for politics and our society.

– How long have you been volunteering here?

About nine months, but with various other groups before this.

– What inspired you to start volunteering for the Democratic Party?

What’s happened to this country these past few years. I’ve always believed in Democratic values, and I’ve realized now that I’m retired that I want to be involved with people with the same values who will get things done. I like being present and engaged, and volunteering here helps me do that.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Gordy!

Volunteer Spotlight | Judy Browder

Volunteer Spotlight | Judy Browder

What are some of your favorite parts of volunteering here in the office?

My favorite would have to be the yard sign room during the 2020 election. An absolute madhouse at times, and so much fun. My second favorite lately would have to be lending an ear to the frustration of Democrats in regards to voting rights and labor legislation on the hill, and having information about how to act on that.

How long have you been volunteering here?

 I have been volunteering in the office only since 2019. Between 2015-2019 I came in for phone banking and canvassing during elections.  

What inspired you to start volunteering for the Democratic Party?

I have been a Democrat all my life. My parents were both good Democrats. I went to high school here in Tucson and Mo Udall used to drop by the school’s cafeteria for little chat sessions, as both of his daughters went to CDO .The first election I worked on was George McGovern’s Presidential campaign when I was 17 and in college in Lawrence, Kansas. After that I continued as a precinct captain, campaign manager for a state election, and basically anywhere I was asked. I lived in Spain between 1988-2014 (ask me about the wonders of National Health!) As soon as we came back to the US, here in Tucson, I contacted the PCDP and here I still am.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Judy!

PC Elections 2022

The term for all currently elected or appointed PCs ends on October 1, 2022.

To be elected to the next 2-year term (beginning October 1, 2022), you’ll need to complete the paperwork for PC elections and submit it as described below.

Only elected PCs can vote at the County or LD Biennial Organization meetings in December 2022, and only elected PCs may be candidates for Party office or Arizona State Democratic Committeeperson at those meetings. The information below contains the paperwork you’ll need to be listed as a PC candidate in 2022. This will be essentially an election by acclamation. We expect to submit nominations that are equal to or less than the total number of PC allotments for each precinct, to avoid having August 4th ballots with PC candidates. Each LD will be tracking the process carefully and providing any help you need.

How to prepare your Nomination Paper and Partisan Nomination Petition

There are two forms you will need to complete: The Nomination Paper and the (double-sided) Nomination Petition. To sign your petition, a voter must be 1) registered in your precinct, and 2) registered as either a Democrat, Independent, No Party Affiliation, or a political party that is not qualified for representation on the ballot.

  • Your Partisan Nomination Form requires 10 signatures from registered voters who meet the criteria listed above.
  • You can sign your own petition, as can any registered voter in your household who meets the criteria listed above.
  • You can sign your fellow precinct PCs’ nominating petitions and they can sign yours.

Complete all information and sign the Nomination Paper. Complete all information on both sides of the Nomination Petition, including 10 eligible signers and your (or your circulator’s) information and signature on the back. Don’t forget your name, address and precinct number on the top of the petition signatures page.

Mistakes happen. If you must cross out a line on your petition, no problem: create a new line in the space at the bottom of the petition page so you have 10 eligible signatures.

Questions? Need a new form or another walk list? Please reach out to your LD contact listed below.

All finished? Thank you! IMPORTANT: please DO NOT STAPLE the Petition and Paper together. You may use a paper clip or just submit them together as instructed below.

How to return your completed, signed, Nomination Paper and Nomination Petition


Bring to your LD2 Chair, or mail to PCDP Headquarters, by March 25. 4639 E 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85711. Questions, replacement forms or walk list:

LD3, 11:

Bring to your LD Chair, or mail to PCDP Headquarters, by March 25. 4639 E 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85711

Questions, replacement forms or walk list: contact your LD Chair or Secretary.


Bring to your LD Chair, or mail to PCDP Headquarters, by March 25. 4639 E 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85711.

You can also mail your completed forms to Susan Bickel, 3732 E Guthrie Mountain Pl. Tucson, AZ 85718

If you have questions, need replacement forms or walk lists: contact Susan Bickel, 520-559-3904,


Mail to Gail Kamaras: 7570 E Speedway Blvd #447, Tucson 85710 | | 520-405-6973

LDs 4 and 14:

Mail to PCDP Headquarters, by March 25. 4639 E 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85711.

If you have questions, need replacement forms or walk lists: contact

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