12th Annual Udall Dinner

12th Annual Udall Dinner

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is BACK!

May 11, 2024 6:30pm, Desert Diamond Casino, Tucson.

Pima is the Path to a Flipped Arizona Legislature.

What happens in Arizona will have impacts felt nationwide. From the peaceful transfer of national power, codifying Roe, ratifying the ERA, Climate Change Policy, and Gun Reform – Arizona will guide the nation. We must win a majority in our state’s legislature, and that path to a majority runs right through Pima County.

Arizona Democrats are only TWO seats away from controlling the Arizona Legislature. There are 3 key districts in Pima County that will provide a direct “path to victory” statewide.

Pima County Legislative Districts 16, 17 and 23 are the path. Help us flip the Arizona Legislature – help us FIGHT FOR A BETTER FUTURE IN ARIZONA.


Legacy Award | George and Marjorie Cunningham

Spirit of Arizona Awards:

Cathy Nichols | Arizona List

Cecilia Valdez | CWA Local

PCDP Recognition of Service

Andrés Cano | Former Arizona State Representative, LD20

Support the Pima County Democratic Party’s mission to flip Arizona – by joining us on May 11th at 6:30pm at the Desert Diamond Casino (Old Nogales Highway) for our 2024 Udall Dinner, as we rally our energy and fill the coffers to fight for a Democratic majority in Arizona’s legislature.

Complimentary Champagne Toast!


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