Executive Meeting Summary: March 7, 2022

Executive Meeting Summary: March 7, 2022

The March Executive Committee meeting was held on March 7th, 2022. We went over several updates and passed a motion to draft a resolution.

First, we discussed the ongoing process of selling the building where our headquarters are currently located. We have several potential buyers who’ve looked at the space, and we are waiting to hear back from them.

We then talked about reorganization. Dates have been set for the LDs to hold meetings going over their reorganization plans, more updates to come. We also learned that the Messaging Committee has changed its name to the Communications Committee.

A large portion of the meeting ended up being dedicated to discussion of a resolution regarding the behavior of Pima County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bronson, who in recent weeks has disrespected both Pima County Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, as well as Cázares-Kelly’s office staff, in both private and public meetings, and continues to bring Vote Centers back to the BoS agenda for reconsideration, sowing misinformation and distrust among Pima voters. Ultimately, we voted to draft a resolution to move against Chair Bronson’s behavior, and to voice support for ePoll Books and voting centers.

The officers, committee chairs, and LD chairs gave their reports, and we listened to a presentation on voters in our new districts by Barbara Tellman, who explained how we can use voter data and demographics to best target voters in our reorganized districts.

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