Kamala Harris in Tucson | A note from Alison

Dear Democrats,

As this campaign winds down, we share your frustration about getting to meet the candidates. This is our new reality during the time of COVID.
Here is the scoop about the Kamala Harris visit to Tucson going on right now:

Yesterday at 4 pm the Biden Campaign told PCDP  there would be a car rally in Tucson for a very limited group of people on the west side of town. We were told NOT to share the location because of the Secret Service’s concerns. We were told we would be allowed to get 4 cars into the event. They would have to line up at 9:00 am, and they would not be able to leave until 1 pm. The attendees were required to stay in their cars at all times.

We reached out to some of our super volunteers and made these four spots available. 
It would have been wonderful to include everyone. But that was not possible. I opted to give her spot up so others could attend. 

Thanks for understanding that the Democratic Party is the party of science. We will not be an accomplice in the spreading of the deadly coronavirus.

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