Notes from the Chair—Sept. 1, 2020

Notes from the Chair—Sept. 1, 2020

Countywide Races

By Alison Jones

I will be penning notes to Pima Democrats more frequently in the last few weeks of this election. Things are moving fast and furiously, and monthly just isn’t often enough. In upcoming weekly letters, I will be talking about what will be on your ballot. This week: COUNTYWIDE RACES.

There will be six countywide races on every ballot in Pima County: Sheriff, Treasurer, Assessor, Recorder, Attorney, and Schools Superintendent. Excellent Democratic candidates are running for all positions. We ask that you vote for all of them! With the voter registration numbers in Pima, Democrats should be able to win every countywide race. 

Chris Nanos is running for his old job as Pima County Sheriff. He has our support and the support of many department members. The department is under scrutiny and faces a number of challenges. Chris understands these challenges and has the experience to address them head-on. He faces the Republican incumbent.  Please learn more about him and his plans for bringing leadership back to the office here: https://www.nanosforsheriff.com/.

Brian Bickel is running for Pima County Treasurer against the GOP incumbent. Brian had a successful career in business administration, and plans to make the county finances more transparent. Brian is a former Marine, and has been very active in Legislative District 9. He also serves on the county’s Election Integrity Commission. Learn about Brian here: https://brianbickel.com/

Suzanne Droubie prevailed in a competitive primary to become the Democratic nominee for Pima County Assessor. Her professional experience in real-estate appraisal makes her eminently qualified. She faces a write-in Republican challenger. Visit Suzanne’s website here: https://www.suzanneforassessor.com/

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly is the Democratic nominee for Pima County Recorder. She is passionate about voting and making it accessible to all. Gabriella is Tohono O’odham, and knows well the challenges of voting in rural areas. And as an educator and community organizer, she also understands public service. She co-founded Indivisible Tohono. She faces a Republican challenger. Learn more here: http://gabriellaforrecorder.org/

Laura Conover prevailed in the primary for Pima County Attorney and is unopposed in the general election. The County Attorney primary race was hard fought. Congratulations to Laura, our next Pima County Attorney. Learn more here: https://lauraconover.com/

Dustin Williams, our Pima County Superintendent of Schools, ran unopposed for re-election. Dustin is a popular and enthusiastic educator who would have been a formidable opponent, had he been challenged. Learn more here: https://dustinwilliamsforeducation.com/

Every voter is thinking about the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE right now. Is it OK to mail in a ballot? The answer is YES, but do it early! 

We recommend the following VOTING TIMELINE for Pima County voters who vote by mail:
Oct. 7: The Pima County Recorder mails the ballots.  
Oct. 10: Most voters will have received their ballots by this date.
Oct. 14: If you have not received your ballot, call the recorder at (520) 724-4330.
Oct. 19: We suggest you return your ballot by mail by this date. 
Oct. 27: This is the ABSOLUTE last date that the County Recorder recommends you return your ballot by mail.
Oct. 28 – Nov. 2: Drop off your ballot at an early voting site. Find sites and their hours of operation here: https://www.recorder.pima.gov/EarlyVotingSites
Nov 3. (Election Day): Drop off your ballot at any polling location. 

If you spoil or lose your ballot, even on Election Day, call the Pima County Recorder at (520) 724-4330. They will tell you how to make your vote count.

Remember, ballot envelopes already have first-class postage. You do not need to add a stamp.  

Next Week: Arizona Corporation Commission candidates.

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