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PCDP Training: Medicare for All Presentation **CANCELLED**

PCDP Training: Medicare for All Presentation **CANCELLED**


Healthcare is a huge issue in this year’s elections. Come learn more about the Medicare for All policy option and what it could mean to our families, communities, and nation. You can use this information to have real and meaningful conversations with others about this important topic.

Paul Gordon is a Professor in the College of Medicine – Tucson. He practices family medicine and, as a bicycle enthusiast, rode across the U.S. in 2016 speaking with people about the Affordable Care Act. He’ll do the ride again this summer, speaking with people about health care policy and how those views might impact their presidential choice in the 2020 election.

Eve Shapiro is a pediatrician who had a private practice in Tucson for many years and now works part-time at the U of Arizona Campus Health. She has been a long-time advocate of single-payer health care through her involvement with Physicians for a National Health Plan. She will be joining Paul in the bike ride across the U.S. this summer.