LD Re-organization Meetings

Please check the map below to see what LD your address is now within. Some of the Old LD’s have changed significantly, some have not.

Old LD NumberNew Ld NumberMeeting DateTimeZoom LinkNotes
4233/8/20226:00 PMregister hereOrganized by Maricopa
10/11**173/16/20226:30 PMregister hereOrganized by Pima
9183/22/20226:30 PMregister hereOrganized by Pima
3203/28/20226:00 PMregister hereOrganized by Pima
14194/2/202212:00 PMregister hereOrganized by Pima
2*214/2/202210:00 AMregister hereOrganized by Pima
11**164/14/20226:00 PMregister hereOrganized by Pinal
Additional Info Session163/12/20222:00 PMlearn more
Additional Info Session164/2/20222:00 PMlearn more

*If you live in Green Valley or East Sahuarita in LD2, you are probably now in LD19

**If you live in Oro Valley, Marana, Saddlebrooke, or Northern Picture Rocks in LD11, you are now in LD17

Not sure which district you are in? Remember the borders changed! Check the map below.

Is the map not working for you? Here is the link!

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