Notes From The Chair | Nov 1 2022

By Bonnie Heidler 

We are now in the home stretch—the 2022 General Election is just a week away. All the LDs are busy contacting voters to get out and vote. Voter turnout in this midterm election is essential for Democrats to win up and down the ballot.

But the Republicans don’t want you to vote. Voter intimidation is up.

  • All the County Democratic Chairs received a threatening letter from a group called “Ben Sent U.S.” saying “We will be watching” along with calling us traitors and you know what they do with traitors.
  • Mark Finchem, who wants to have control over the election process, as Secretary of State, posted on Facebook on October 14 “My message for Pima County @justfollowthelaw. We will be watching.” Notice the exact wording from the threatening letter was repeated.
  • In Mesa, masked men dressed in tactical gear, carrying guns were patrolling near a drop box.
  • Several lawsuits were filed against the organizations that are doing this voter intimidation. Predictably, a federal judge appointed by Trump ruled that the actions did not reach the level of voter intimidation…they were just “exercising their First Amendment rights.” By law, voter intimidation is whatever a voter says it is. If you feel threatened by gun wielding men near a drop box, that is the VERY definition of voter intimidation. The ruling is being appealed.

We must keep focused on the mission to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We must continue to point out what President Biden has done in almost two years, against great odds and without Republicans who refuse to support any of President Biden’s agenda. The Republicans have been VERY clear as to what they plan to do if they are in charge again.

  • They promise to remove what they consider “entitlements” and stop the Debt Ceiling from passing in order to do it. Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are NOT entitlements. Anyone who is employed and having taxes taken out of their paycheck pays contributions into these funds. We earned that money.
  • They plan to remove most recently enacted acts like the Inflation Reduction Act which lowers prescription drug costs for seniors, if Republicans take the House and/or Senate.
  • And, instead of governing, they want to vindictively impeach President Biden and start investigations that will cost taxpayers a lot of money for NO GOOD REASON.

If they get into power, democracy is gone. We CANNOT let that happen. We need to have faith that voters won’t elect these extremists. 

November will be reorganization month for all the Legislative Districts, when new party leaders are elected at the LD level. On Saturday, December 10, PCDP will also be electing a new Executive Committee. Only elected PCs are allowed to vote in reorganization meetings.

As we enter into the Holiday season, I’m thankful for all of the work you all are doing to educate your friends, fund campaigns and get out the vote!

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