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Discussion 4 Democracy: Lauren Kuby and Sandra Kennedy for Corporation Commission (Virtual)

Discussion 4 Democracy: Lauren Kuby and Sandra Kennedy for Corporation Commission (Virtual)

Join the first of our Discussion 4 Democracy series as we virtually sit down with Democratic candidates running for the Corporation Commission!

What is the Corporation Commission?

The Arizona Corporation Commission, established in Article 15 of the Arizona Constitution, is the office in charge of regulating utilities, securities, and railroad and pipeline safety. It is the Commission’s responsibility to provide safe, reliable, and affordable utilities for the public. Decisions made by the Corporation Commission affect every Arizonan, every single day.

Who are the Democratic candidates?

 Sandra Kennedy was elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2008 on a platform in support of solar energy and consumer advocacy. She was later re-elected in 2018 on a platform of combating corruption within the Commission. Before her time as a Commissioner, she served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate.

    Lauren Kuby is a two-term council member, former vice mayor of Tempe, and a senior sustainability scientist at Arizona State University. She is an advocate for fair, equitable worker protections as well as social, economic, and environmental justice. She led Tempe’s Dark Money ballot initiative and created the Tempe Sustainability Commission.

Together, Kennedy and Kuby want to put a stop to corruption within the Corporation Commission to protect Arizonans from price increases and environmentally dangerous practices.

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