Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

Volunteer Spotlight | Gordy Rutman

– What are some of your favorite tasks here in the office?

There are times when I really like making phone calls, if it’s something I’m passionate about. I like finding out about what’s going on with the party, and getting to know people who are involved has been really rewarding for me. That’s true whenever I volunteer, because the staffs are always so welcoming, and that gives me hope for politics and our society.

– How long have you been volunteering here?

About nine months, but with various other groups before this.

– What inspired you to start volunteering for the Democratic Party?

What’s happened to this country these past few years. I’ve always believed in Democratic values, and I’ve realized now that I’m retired that I want to be involved with people with the same values who will get things done. I like being present and engaged, and volunteering here helps me do that.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Gordy!

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