Press Release | Post Election Note

The following statement may be attributed to Alison Jones, chair of the Pima County Democratic Committee.

As we wait for every vote to be counted, Pima County Democratic Party (PCDP) is optimistic about the outcome of this election. This election cycle saw PCDP and its Legislative District (LD) committees  engage with a record number of voters.  Party-building efforts, including robust community-outreach and voter-education activities, enabled us to capitalize on our 2018 successes.

None of this could have happened without such dedicated partners as The Arizona Ground Game, Pima Area Labor Federation, Field Team 6, Democratic clubs, Pima County Young Democrats, and PCDP’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We know that other groups that share our values, including Indivisible, Lucha, Mi Familia Vota, and Las Adelitas, were also critical to the outcomes in Pima County.

Pima County gave the Biden-Harris ticket a significant portion of the margin it needed to capture Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.  We achieved these milestones during a pandemic that posed unprecedented voter-engagement and fundraising challenges:

  • Over the last two years, PCDP grew our number of grassroots party officials from 399 to over 550.
  • We extended our geographic representation throughout the county.
  • More than 1,000 volunteers joined our election activities.
  • We set fundraising records at the county and Legislative District committee levels.
  • We engaged with neighborhoods and communities that statewide campaigns traditionally neglect. We worked for every vote.
  • Drawing on our local talent, expertise, and experience, PCDP and its LD committees did their own strategic planning, materials development and voter targeting.
  • Early returns indicate that Democrats prevailed in all six countywide races.  Provisional and late-early ballots have not yet been counted.
  • We gained one County Supervisor seat, providing a solid Democratic majority at the county level.

Pima County’s story is not unique. Across the nation, volunteer-led county parties and LDs drove out the vote.  Pima County Democratic Party, and indeed all of Arizona’s County and LD committees, are grassroots organizations that raise their own funds and compete for precious resources. We are proud of our substantial contributions to the process. However, our work isn’t over until every vote is counted.

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