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Discussion 4 Democracy: Kirsten Engel, Daniel Hernandez, and Avery Anderson for CD6

Discussion 4 Democracy: Kirsten Engel, Daniel Hernandez, and Avery Anderson for CD6

Join our Discussion 4 Democracy series as we sit down, in person, with Democratic candidates running for Congressional District 6!

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What does the Congressional Representative of AZ CD6 do?

The House of Representatives serves as the most direct form of representation for the American public due to the proportional ratio of American citizens to U.S. Representatives.

It is the duty of the representative from Congressional District 6 to introduce bills, offer amendments and be the voice of their constituency on the House floor and in committee.

The new CD6 covers the eastern half of Pima County including voters from the edge of our southern border and up to the San Carlos reservation.

Who are the Democratic candidates?

Avery Anderson never intended to go into politics after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder’s engineering problem. However, after a few years in the professional world developing new strategies to implement wind energy and as a lead engineer for Raytheon here in Tucson, he made the choice to move towards public service. Avery wants to draw on his experience in the energy and defense industry in order to bring a young, data-driven voice to Congress.

After being named a national hero for his service on the day of the tragic attempt on Gabby Giffords life, Daniel Hernandez continued his commitment to public service by advocating for reproductive rights and later serving as a state representative. During his tenure in the Arizona legislature he has fought for the expansion of affordable healthcare and advocated for the LGBTQ+ community. Daniel is running for Congress to continue to fight for progressive values while working across the aisle to get real results for the people of Southern Arizona.

Kirsten Engel is a legislator, professor, activist and mom who currently serves in the Arizona Senate and as the Associate Dean and Director of the Environmental Law Program for the University of Arizona. As a legislator with experience in environmental and administrative law, she has fought against Republican education cuts to ensure Arizona’s public schools are fully-funded and worked to protect Arizona’s natural resources from environmental degradation. She now wants to bring this fight to the US House of Representatives where she plans to make healthcare more affordable, build an economy that works for all Arizonans and protect our environment from the dangers of climate change.

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Event Instructions

Please do not arrive before 12:30pm. We will be unable to access the classroom until then, and we want to make sure that people do not have to be out in the heat longer than necessary.

Our event will be taking place in the Steward Observatory, NOT the Annex. Specifically we will be in Room N210 which is located just east of the observatory’s white dome. You cannot access the classroom by walking through the Steward Observatory building. You must walk outside to the east side of the white dome and then look for the entrance to Room N210.

We will be asking all attendees to wear masks and to keep at least one empty seat between them and others.


There are two main options for parking: Second St Garage and Cherry Garage. Parking is free on the weekends in the garages. If you try to park in one of the permit lots next to the observatory, you may end up getting a parking ticket.


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Discussion 4 Democracy: Superintendent of Public Instruction (Virtual)

Discussion 4 Democracy: Superintendent of Public Instruction (Virtual)

Join our Discussion 4 Democracy series as we virtually sit down with our Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction!

What is the Superintendent of Public Instruction?

The Superintendent of Public Instruction oversees Arizona’s public school system and leads the Department of Education. It is the Superintendent’s responsibility to distribute public school funding, aid schools in complying with laws and policies, and to serve on statewide public education boards.

Who is Kathy Hoffman?

Kathy Hoffman has served as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction since 2019. She is a former public school teacher and speech-language pathologist, becoming the first educator to lead the Arizona Department of Education in over 20 years at the time of her appointment.

It is her goal as State Superintendent to support students and advocate for public schools and educators. She wants to achieve this by increasing school funding and access to mental health services for students, expanding digital access in urban and rural communities, and recruiting qualified educators.

In her time as Superintendent, she has created the Educator Recruitment and Retention Teams within the Department of Education, invested $21 million into hiring school counselors and social workers, and repealed the discriminatory “no promo homo” law.


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Discussion 4 Democracy: Adrian Fontes and Reginald Bolding for Secretary of State

Discussion 4 Democracy: Adrian Fontes and Reginald Bolding for Secretary of State

Join our Discussion 4 Democracy series as we sit down, in person, with Democratic candidates running for Arizona Secretary of State!

What does the Secretary of State do?

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is charged with a number of important state functions and, like lieutenant governors in other states, the Secretary of State is first in line to succeed the Governor in the event that they cannot hold the office themselves.

One of the most notable duties of the Secretary of State’s office is administrating trustworthy, secure elections. They increase voter engagement through voter registration efforts and build trust in our election process by certifying voting devices, verifying election results and overseeing campaign financing.

The Secretary of State also works hand in hand with the business community by recording business partnerships in Arizona and registering trade names and trademarks.

Who are the Democratic candidates?

 Reginald Bolding defied the odds as a first generation college student and was elected as a State Representative for District 27 in 2015. Since then, he has spearheaded the efforts in the state legislature to fight back against the GOP’s voter suppression efforts, been the voice of overlooked communities in Arizona and become the Democratic Leader in the State House. Bolding also co-founded the largest Black-led voting rights and community engagement organizations in the state, Arizona Coalition for Change. Bolding plans to use these experiences to protect the voting rights of every Arizonan and make the election process more transparent.

After serving his country as a United States Marine, Adrian Fontes started his professional career by practicing law for 15 years. After being a firsthand witness to voter suppression efforts in the 2016 election, Fontes decided to take action by running for, and being elected to, the office of the Maricopa County Recorder. While in office, Fontes oversaw record voter registration and turnout in Maricopa County, even in the midst of Covid-19, and efforts from far right extremists to overturn the election results. As Secretary of State Adrian wants to ensure that every eligible Arizonan has the ability to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

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