Civics 2.0 Report | Fall 2019

Civics 2.0 Report | Fall 2019

On Sunday, September 15, District 3 Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson addressed an audience of 41 people as part of the Civic 2.0 series of talks on local, state and federal government.  She shared what the Board of Supervisors does and how it interacts with other county agencies. She also explained the typical tax bill residents receive, what it pays for, how much the county actually gets, and what the money is used for.  She encouraged people to get involved with advisory boards.

The next Civics 2.0 event is on Sunday, October 20, Flowing Wells Library, 1730 W Wetmore Rd, 2-3 pm.  “Can you hear me now?” What happens when you contact your Member of Congress?  Billy Kovacs (Outreach Director for Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick) and Cassandra Becerra (Outreach Director for Congressman Raúl Grijalva) will talk about what happens when you contact the local office of your Member of Congress. How does your comment reach your elected Representative?   Register for FREE at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/can-you-hear-me-now-what-happens-when-you-contact-your-member-of-congress-tickets-69812291443

Bring a friend!

Civics 2.0 is a series of free talks, open to and aimed at the general public, offering topics of interest and relevance to Pima County residents. The talks are scheduled for the third Sunday of the month at Pima County Branch Libraries.  These are not fund-raising or campaign events. Brought to you by the Pima County Democratic Party. For more info, call PCDP at (520) 326-3716.

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