Raise Your Hand!

School Board Members and Parents need your support.

You’ve seen it in the news, right-wing zealots starting yelling matches over their FREEDOM in principal’s offices and meetings all over Arizona. We must support our educators and families, while they do what it takes to keep kids safe.

Get involved with your community by attending school board meetings!

The importance of local government is often overlooked with big, flashy national campaigns. Here in Pima County we know that the districts with the biggest impacts on our lives are actually our local elected officials and boards.

School board meetings in particular are not only vital to our communities, but they are also under attack from individuals who show up claiming that their right to free speech is more important than a child’s safety or education. Members of school boards all across the state are facing threats of violence, and many may not run for re-election next year.

It is up to us to show school boards that their work is necessary and appreciated by those who live in their districts. We need more people to attend these meetings, both in-person and virtually, in order to bring the conversation back to our children and their education.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved by attending your local school board meeting, please use this form to send us your information. We have put together a toolkit so that you know what a school board does, local issues in your school district, and suggestions for talking points that you can use at meetings.

Find a school board meeting

Please visit the Governing Board meeting pages directly to find out dates and times of upcoming regular and special meetings. 
Please let us know if a link or address is incorrect at comms@pimadems.org

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