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What is the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE)?

The Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE) is a special election in which voters registered with political parties vote for the candidate they want to become their party’s presidential nominee.


Only voters registered with the participating parties can vote in the PPE.The Democratic Party is the only political party participating in the PPE.
This means only voters registered as Democrats can vote in the March 17 PPE.


The PPE is not a primary election. This means Arizona’s open primary law does not apply to the PPE. Therefore, only voters of a participating party may vote on that party’s ballot. Since the Democratic Party is the only party participating in the PPE this election cycle, only Democrats can vote in the PPE.

Confusing? Yes. Things change every cycle. For more info check out this explantion at Arizona Clean Elections.

The voter registration deadline for the PPE is February 18, 2020. Any voter that is a registered Democrat by that deadline can vote in the PPE.

Questions?  Contact Pima County Recorder’s office – or (520) 724-4350.

Democratic Candidates on the PPE

This is the order they will be on the ballot, as per a drawing held Dec 11, 2019.
As candidates drop out we will cross out their names, but they will still appear on the ballot.
Click on the plus icon to find their website. 

Michael Ellinger

Michael Bennet

Henry Hewes

no website

Cory Booker

Elizabeth Warren

Joseph Biden