We always need images for this website and other projects. Our party platform is comprised of many viewpoints and we thought our photos could literally reflect the different perspectives of our members.  You will get bragging rights that you are an Official PCDP Photographer. An amazing deal, right?

Subject matter should reflect the beauty in Pima County and should uplift and unite Democrats in the region. It really does save us money when we don’t have to resort to paying for stock images of our beautiful part of the world. Thank you for sharing your work!

  • Cell phone photographs are fine.
  • Most images should be horizontal and at least 2500 pixels wide.
  • No need to crop or edit your files. We can do that according to our needs


Resave your photo with a name like

“snow on prickly pear by Deanna Democrat 2019.jpg”

so we can properly attribute you.



Fill out the release form online


fill out the pdf, save it and email it to us with your photos.


Upload your photos with the online form


send in email with the completed pdf.
comms@pimadems.org attn:photos

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