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Support a 2022 ballot initiative that gives indigent Pima County residents facing detention or deportation access to a public defender (aka “universal representation”). If approved by voters, the initiative would establish the Office of Immigration Representation (to be funded by sliding scale fees and public and private funding), to protect due process and fundamental rights, fight poverty, and safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of our residents

The Free and Fair Elections ballot initiative will bring back the permanent early voting list (PEVL) and remove the provisions that would disqualify voters from continuing to receive early ballots. Other big changes included in this ballot initiative:

  1. Making the process for getting initiatives on the ballot easier
  2. Early vote centers will be available at the recorders’ offices
  3. Election officials are required to coordinate with Native American tribes/tribal representatives, giving them at least one early and one election date vote center
  4. Added accessibility for voters with disabilities

The Arizona for Abortion Access is an initiative that will:

  1. Arizona For Abortion Access is a collective effort to safeguard and expand reproductive rights in our state.
  2. Our mission is to counteract restrictive bans and ensure that every person in Arizona has the right to access safe and legal abortion care. In the face of ongoing challenges, we believe that public support is on our side.

What is an Initiative?

A process of collecting and verifying signatures that allows citizens to propose a new statute or constitutional amendment

Voters say “Hey we have an idea, let’s vote on THIS.”

What is a Referendum?

A process of collecting and verifying signatures that allows citizens to refer a law that passed the legislature to the ballot for voters to decide whether to uphold or repeal the law; this process is available in 26 states, including Arizona.

Voters say “We’re not sure we like what you just passed Legislature. We want to vote on it!”

What is a Petition?

The physical, legal document used when collecting signatures for initiatives and referenda.

The paper on the clipboard. (Turns into boxes of papers!)

Who is a Circulator?

An individual who gathers signatures for a candidate, ballot initiative, or citizens’ referendum. Qualifications vary depending on the purpose of gathering signatures. Some petitions may require the circulator to “check in/out” when they pick up their materials.

The person holding the clipboard.

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