Our Party Structure

Precinct Committee Person

Any person registered as a Democrat is eligible to become a Precinct Committeepersons if there are openings in their precinct.
A PC’s term of office is two years.

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Legislative District Committee

In counties (like Pima) with LD Committees, the LD Committee is composed of all the PC’s in that Legislative District. Each LD Chair and Executive Board are elected by the LD’s elected PC’s every 2 years.

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Pima County Democratic Party

Each County Democratic Executive Board and each County Chair are elected by the elected PC’s in each county every two years in January following the general election.

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Arizona Democratic Party

The Arizona Democratic Party is composed of State Committee members who are elected by the PC’s from each LD/County. The State Chair and Executive Board are elected by the State Committee members.

AZ Dems

Democratic National Committee

The Democratic National Committee and its Chair are elected by the DNC members who have been elected from all the states and territories. Arizona has five National Committee members.


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