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PCDP needs your support in elections up and down the ballot.
Any amount makes a real difference.

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  • HQ is open for the pick-up of campaign yard signs from 10 am-2 pm M-Sat and by appointment. Please go direct to Biden-Harris and Mark Kelly campaigns for their signs. 
  • HQ is closed to the public for all other business until further notice.
  • Volunteers are answering the phones (and your questions!) virtually. 
  • Read our Covid-19 plan here.

Fire at Phoenix Headquarters – Statement

We are heartbroken to hear of the fire at the offices of the Maricopa County Democratic Party and the Arizona Democratic Party last night. We understand the cause is under investigation at this time. While the timing could not be worse, we are grateful that no one was...

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for all of Pima County
Board of Supervisors | District 1 Virtual Debate

Board of Supervisors | District 1 Virtual Debate

Our series of Virtual Debates is going very well. Great engagement and we are learning a lot about our Democratic candidates. You can view them live, or after the fact on our Facebook Page or right here on our website. Check back for new additions to the line...

Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes from the Chair—Sept. 8, 2020

Notes from the Chair—Sept. 8, 2020

By Alison Jones Dear Pima Voters: Today I’d like to tell you about the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), one of the state’s most powerful regulatory bodies. The ACC, which Article XV of the Arizona Constitution created, exists essentially as state government’s...

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Joshua Polacheck –

Executive Director

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Advocate for change

Free Hat With Donation

Free Hat With Donation

Call us old-fashioned, but Pima County Democratic Party still believes lying is wrong. We are working day and night to elect Democrats. We must replace the Liar-In-Chief; but we won't stop there. Turning our state legislature blue is also a priority and we need a new...

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LD9 Update – Summer 2019

It’s been a hot summer for voter registration! Teams have been trying out new ideas, partnering with other LDs, and the Field Team 6 organization. LD9 teams tried voter registration at laundromats in July, which they’ll repeat in September or October.

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LD11 Update – August 2019

LD11 has been working with Field Team 6 to register voters in Tucson and the surrounding area. We have held two 2 day events, the latest being on July 22 and July 23. Gil Wier from our Voter Registration and Contact Issue Action Committee is coordinating the events and he reports that a total of 234 forms for voters have been submitted to the Pima County Recorders Office.

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Volunteer Spotlight | Melody Prentice

Volunteer Spotlight | Melody Prentice

by Richard Wiebe Volunteer coordinator Melody Prentice offered to help the Pima County Democratic Party for the same reason most of us volunteered. “It’s the ‘Trump Thing,’” she said. “When he was elected, I knew I had to do whatever I could to limit the damage he’s...

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Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. Voting is our duty as Americans, so make sure you’re registered and ready to vote in this election. Take a few minutes and head to today.

#200KDeadAmericans are our grandmas and grandpas, our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends, our neighbors.

We are not nobody! We are America and we will rebuild our country better without him and his corrupt enablers.

The Lincoln Project@ProjectLincoln

He’ll say the same thing when it’s killed 2 million.

How many of our fellow Americans have died because of this Trump toadie spreading dangerous lies...

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