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Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes from the Chair | Sept 2019

On August 27, Tucson Councilwoman Regina Romero triumphed in the Tucson mayoral primary, winning more than 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race with record voter turnout. Councilwoman Romero’s positive message of economic sustainability and environmental stewardship energized her supporters, and emphasized her City Council experience.

Councilwoman Romero – and Tucson – made history, and Tucson became national news, as our city came one step closer to electing the first Latina mayor in Tucson history. It is, indeed, an exciting time to be in Tucson!

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Cat Ripley –

Executive Director

What’s Happening at HQ? | Sept 2019

What’s Happening at HQ? | Sept 2019

August in Tucson brought the heat – and thankfully, monsoon rains to cool it. It also brought heated Democratic mayoral and city council primaries. Now we’re gearing up to support our candidates in the November general election. Regina Romero is poised to make history as Tucson’s first Latina mayor! We at HQ could not be prouder and more excited. Congratulations to Lane Santa Cruz for running a beautiful campaign in Ward 1, to uncontested candidates Niki Lee, in Ward 4, and Ward 2’s incumbent Paul Cunningham. There’s plenty to do between now and the November 5 general election. Ballots go out on October 10.

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Speaker Series – August 2019

Speaker Series – August 2019

by Greer Warren PCDP’s new speaker series, Civics 2.0: What They Didn’t Teach in Middle School, kicked off on July 21 with Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik addressing the question: Tucson City Council: What is it and why do I care? Civics 2.0 is a free series open to...

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LD Updates | June 2019

Legislative District 2Michele Manos, Chair LD2 Dems has a new Chair, Michele Manos and a new 1st Vice Chair, George McGaughey.  Our Committee continues its "Act Locally" efforts to support our PCs in establishing and maintaining relationships with the Democrats...

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LD Updates | May, 2019

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (LD2), Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (LD2), Rep. Daniel Hernandez (LD2), Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales (LD3), Rep. Alma Hernandez (LD3) and Rep. Andres Cano (LD3) answer questions from constituents at the Candidate Forum hosted by LD2 and LD3 LD2 and LD3...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Laray, PCDP HQ Ops

Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Laray, PCDP HQ Ops

One of Bill Laray’s neighbors tells Bill that he has “failed at retirement,’’ for which the HQ staff is grateful. Bill, a Precinct 94 PC in LD 10, shows up three days a week to “square things away,’’ as the Navy calls it: “getting the place organized, everything...

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On this #VeteransDay, we also thank Native American soldiers for their service to this country. Thank you @ArlandoTeller for sharing this photo of your great grandfather and late grandfather, Edward Tah, a U.S. Marine Code Talker in WWII.

Congratulations to @TucsonRomero, the first Latina mayor of Tucson, on her historic win last night—and to @LUCHA_AZ and the other grassroots community activists that fought hard for this progressive victory.

Regina Romero@TucsonRomero

Thank you, Tucson.

Yesterday, Tucsonans elected the most qualified and proven candidate to lead their city — and along the way, they made history by electing their first Latina and woman mayor.

We couldn't be prouder of @TucsonRomero on her historic achievement.

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