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In The News | PCDP Chair on Jobs Plan

Bonnie Heidler, the head of the Pima County Democratic Party wrote about the impact of the American Jobs Plan on Arizona by focusing on broadband. She stated:“The American Jobs Plan will be great...

Meet our new Operations Coordinator!

Welcome to Alexus Dudoit, our latest team addition! Alexus is a born and raised Tucsonan who started in politics with a degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona. From there, she...

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for all of Pima County

Black History in Tucson | Neighborhoods

Black History in Tucson | Neighborhoods

In honor of Black History Month 2021, we pulled together a collection of news stories, books and recordings illustrating the long history of Black families in Tucson. We include a University of Arizona website that documents the stories of Black explorers and settlers all the way up to a directory of current Black-owned businesses in Arizona. It is a rich and varied history, and this just scratches the surface.

Bonnie Heidler | Chair 

Bonnie Heidler

Notes From The Chair | Feb 2021

Heading into my first full month as PCDP‘s Chair, I knew I’d be inundated with party business, taking a break on January 20 to celebrate the inaugurations of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. But on January 6, two days after the first Executive Committee meeting of 2021, the unthinkable happened: an armed assault on the United States Capitol, where our elected representatives were meeting to certify the election results. Suddenly, I found myself on television, after KGUN and Univision requested statements about the insurrection. I was honored to speak for PCDP about this traumatic event.

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Miranda Lopez | Director 

Miranda Lopez

Advocate for change



Meet First Vice Chair Nathan Davis

Meet First Vice Chair Nathan Davis

By Richard Wiebe
Truth be told, middle-school teacher Nathan Davis would prefer sitting on the Amphi School District Governing Board. He missed by just .25 percent of 120,000 votes in the four-way Amphi race, but with some gentle arm twisting by Chair Bonnie Heidler and former Chair Alison Jones, he ran for PCDP First Vice Chair.

“Bonnie and I see eye-to-eye on the key issues facing PCDP, and I hope to help PCDP grow in influence and reach even more voters,’’ Nathan said. “Local, state and national elections will be here before you know it.”

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Stay tuned for more data, specifically for Pima County.
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Release: The ADP Succeeds in Obtaining Transparency and Accountability for Senate GOP and Cyber Ninjas’ “Audit” - via @azdemparty

Debunking #TheBigLie, scrutinizing the #ArizonaAudit, and talking about #Biden's plans w/ @RepRubenGallego (D-AZ) on the @MSignorile Show right now!

Listen live:

When they lose they tear down democracy. #GQP #Qnuts #JimCrow

SAVE THE DATE!! We are so excited about our Climate Action Now (CAN) VIP event. We are thrilled to welcome, as our Guest speaker: renowned climatologist and geophysicist, @MichaelEMann. His new book: "The New Climate War" is out now. #ClimateActionNow #ArizonaCAN #YesWeCanIn2021

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Garbage Removal

We don’t want to focus on it—there is too much important work to do—but they need to go.

LD11 formally requests the expulsion of Finchem

We, the Executive Board of the Legislative District 11 Democratic Party, formally request that LD11 Representative Mark Finchem be stripped of all AZ State House leadership and committee positions effective immediately. We further request that the House begin the process of expelling Rep. Finchem from his elected position.

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PCDP Chair Calls For President’s Immediate Removal

“Trump encouraged a terrorist mob to rampage through the Capitol,” Heidler said. “He is unfit to hold the nation’s highest office and must be removed. At least four Americans died during the riot and at least 360,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. Trump is responsible for both, and sadly all four Republican U.S. Representatives are complicit.’’

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