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Congrats Pima Dems!

Congrats Pima Dems!

We look forward to voting for Regina Romero, Lane Santa Cruz, Nikki Lee and Paul Cunningham in the general election.

Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Letter from the Chair | August 2019

Letter from the Chair | August 2019

The radical right fanned the flames of racism by pretending it did not exist. We became the only First-World nation where you can go bankrupt if you get sick. They denied science and the value of education, replacing them with religious dogma. And somewhere along the way, corporations became people and money became speech.

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Cat Ripley –

Executive Director

HQ Happenings | July 2019

HQ Happenings | July 2019

Cat Ripley, Executive Director It’s summer, so the heat is on! But we’re taking advantage of the relative quiet in Tucson to prepare for some exciting events, and a busy fall. PCDP is hosting a mayoral candidate debate on July 18. In the spirit of the first round of...

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LD Updates | June 2019

Legislative District 2Michele Manos, Chair LD2 Dems has a new Chair, Michele Manos and a new 1st Vice Chair, George McGaughey.  Our Committee continues its "Act Locally" efforts to support our PCs in establishing and maintaining relationships with the Democrats...

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LD Updates | May, 2019

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (LD2), Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (LD2), Rep. Daniel Hernandez (LD2), Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales (LD3), Rep. Alma Hernandez (LD3) and Rep. Andres Cano (LD3) answer questions from constituents at the Candidate Forum hosted by LD2 and LD3 LD2 and LD3...

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Volunteer Spotlight | June 2019

Volunteer Spotlight | June 2019

by Elinor J. "Ellie" Brecher, PCDP newsletter editor L-R Leftie Vaughn and Barbro Drott Huth Margaret "Leftie'' Weld Vaughn, and Barbro Drott Huth, avoid the spotlight. PCDP’s volunteer coordinators prefer to operate quietly behind the cubicle wall that shields their...

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The proportion of older people with debt has been rising over the past decade, especially among those 75 and up. This is not the American Dream. Arizona Democrats are fighting to restore fairness to our state.

Six known vaping deaths in the last month or so. Governments at nearly every level seem ready to respond aggressively to the crisis. In the next two hours at least six people will die of gun violence. Government response at nearly every level. Nothing..

On this day in 1787 the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. Our Consitition is the framework of our Democracy. We must fight to protect it from those who would do it harm.

"Today's ruling by @AZCourts is a direct attack on #AZ's #LGTBQ+ community that will hurt many Arizonans. @dougducey has accomplished his goal of stacking the Court and the fears of reasonable Arizonans have come to fruition. We will continue our fight for equality for everyone."

I agree. This opens a doorway to more acts of discrimination. And the Court's protestation that this is about the speaker and not the persons spoken of, is totally unconvincing. https://t.co/HcTYgGsaM3

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