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PCDP needs your support in elections up and down the ballot.
Any amount makes a real difference.

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  • HQ is open for the pick-up of campaign yard signs from
    • Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm 
    • Saturday 10am – 2pm
    • Please wear a mask .
  • HQ is closed to the public for all other business until further notice.
  • Read our Covid-19 plan here.

Civics 2.0 | “What’s On My Ballot?”

Greer Warren and Gail Kamaras will talk about the offices we are voting for on the November 2020 Pima Co ballot, from Constable to President.  We will talk about the function of each office and why it is important to vote the whole ballot in this vitally...

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PCDP Supports Council Member Lane Santa Cruz

Council Member Lane Santa Cruz is being harassed by a powerful police officers’ union in an attempt to intimidate and silence her. The Pima County Democratic Party (PCDP) wholeheartedly condemns this type of harassment and stands firmly with Council Member Santa Cruz....

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Where to drop off your ballot? Need help voting for judges? Want to follow your ballot? Need to find early voting sites?

Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes from the Chair | Vote YES on Prop 208

Notes from the Chair | Vote YES on Prop 208

PCDP and Arizona Democratic Party STRONGLY support Proposition 208 --Invest in Ed. We urge you to do the same. The Arizona legislature has HISTORICALLY underfunded education, resulting in crisis-level teacher shortages. When the legislature fails to act, initiatives...

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Joshua Polacheck –

Executive Director

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Every Candidate Counts. Every County Counts. Town Halls

Every Candidate Counts. Every County Counts. Town Halls

The AZ Democratic Party is are pleased to announce the Every Candidate Counts, Every County Counts, speaker series. We want to make sure Arizonans get to know their Candidates and Representatives in the safest way possible. Join the Arizona Democratic Party Chair...

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LD9 Update | Feb. 2020

Congratulations to our new LD9 EC Representative to Pima County Democratic Party Executive Committee, Juan Pablo (JP) Martin! Have you seen it?Check out the Request to Speak (RTS) video on the LD9 website home page. It is a short You Tube tutorial to...

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Volunteer Spotlight | Joanie Allison

Volunteer Spotlight | Joanie Allison

By Richard Wiebe

 Golfers Joanie and Jim Allison grew to love Tucson during their February visits to Dove Mountain’s Accenture Match Play Championship golf tournament. When asked about her proficiency as a golfer, Joanie would only say the greenskeepers of Alexandria, VA, celebrated when the Allisons retired to Tucson in 2012.

Joanie leads Thursday’s morning and afternoon volunteer crews at PCDP headquarters. Now working from home, she returns phone calls and answers questions about everything from voter registration to road repair. Her favorite calls are inquiries about registering as a Democrat.

 “I enjoy interacting with the public, and I look forward to returning to the office and our merry band of volunteers,” she said.  “Alison and Cat are so supportive. We all learn from each other, but Alison and Cat are special.”

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Steve Wynn was forced out of his role as Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee after allegations of rape and harassment.

But in 2020, he's given more than $6 million to to Republican candidates and political action committees.

Hey Arizona, @StephenAtHome called us the smartest state in the nation. Let's prove him right by being #VotingMVPs.

#vote #VoteEarly & #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt


Chair @FeleciaForAZ: "The lack of equitable representation on the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments in a state as diverse as AZ is unacceptable. A list of potential IRC candidates that is more than 80% white and 70% male does not represent AZ."

Yeah! Who's in charge of the Senate and has been opposing critical coronavirus relief since May, while using his affiliated orgs to pour +$30 million into keeping @MarthaMcSally's vote in the Senate?!! #azsen


Democrats in Pima County are fighting to restore honor and dignity to all branches and all levels of government.


#vote #VoteEarly 🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸


Some more anti-education propaganda by the WSJ.

Arizona's Constitution guarantees quality public education and this right has been under assualt by the rich & powerful for two generations.


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