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  • Volunteers are answering the phones (and your questions!) virtually. 
  • Read our Covid-19 plan here.

PCDP Chair Denounces Protests At Officials’ Homes

The Pima County Democratic Party denounces a recent protest, and an announcement of upcoming protests, in front of Tucson Mayor Regina Romero’s house. Protest can be an effective form of free speech, but taking protests to the homes of elected officials–or anyone– can be perceived as threatening. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home. I did reach out to my GOP counterpart regarding this issue. He looked into the matter and assured me that the Pima County GOP did not sanction the event last weekend, nor did they plan any such future events. He very clearly stated that he considered this action completely inappropriate.

Protests should be staged at public venues. Bringing protests to a private home escalates it from free speech to a form of intimidation. This cannot be the new normal in Tucson.

Alison Jones, Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party.

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Curious about the AZ Corporation Commission?

Curious about the AZ Corporation Commission?

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is a powerful entity in our state and three of its five seats are up for election this year. Join this virtual meeting to hear from Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and the three Democrats running for these seats: Bill Mundell, Shea...

Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes From The Chair | May 2020

Notes From The Chair | May 2020

Democrats believe in science, which makes it hard for us to understand how some people are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why did Trump disband the White House Pandemic Task Force in 2018? Scientists were telling him that a pandemic was a matter of...

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Joshua Polacheck –

Executive Director

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Free Hat With Donation

Free Hat With Donation

Call us old-fashioned, but Pima County Democratic Party still believes lying is wrong. We are working day and night to elect Democrats. We must replace the Liar-In-Chief; but we won't stop there. Turning our state legislature blue is also a priority and we need a new...

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Volunteer Spotlight | Melody Prentice

Volunteer Spotlight | Melody Prentice

by Richard Wiebe Volunteer coordinator Melody Prentice offered to help the Pima County Democratic Party for the same reason most of us volunteered. “It’s the ‘Trump Thing,’” she said. “When he was elected, I knew I had to do whatever I could to limit the damage he’s...

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That's true Mr. VP, our choice this November is clear: the inspiring American values of @JoeBiden and the Democratic Party or the fear, corruption, and incompetence that you and your boss are offering up. 5 million cases, 163,215 dead Americans. #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt

Eric Fink@EricMillerFink

Pence says the choice in this election ‘has never been clearer and the stakes never higher.’ @KVOA

.@JoeBiden would protect the Grand Canyon, @realDonaldTrump wants to mine it for uranium.

It’s time for Congress to pass @RepRaulGrijalva’s Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act to permanently ban uranium mining around the Grand Canyon. #KeepItGrand

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