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The Pima County Democratic Party is your local branch of one of the country’s oldest political parties. The volunteers, officers and staff at the county level form the backbone of the party and are responsible for much of the voter contact and outreach for races at every level of government.


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Democrats for Tucson Mayor and Council  Democrats for all County Offices
 Democratic Majorities in the Arizona House and Senate   Democrats in U.S. Senate and House  Democratic President!       To reach these goals, we need your help.

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How Are You Going To Pay For That?

How Are You Going To Pay For That?

A discussion and presentation on how we can afford:
Green New Deal, Medicare for all, Federal Job Guarantee with
Dr Fadhel Kaboub
Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University and President of the Global Institure for Sustainable Prosperity

Dr Fadhel Kaboub
Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University and President of the Global Institure for Sustainable Prosperity

May 22nd 6-9pm

Planning to attend the event in person?
Please RSVP by clicking here.
Space is limited.

University of Arizona
Environmental and Natural Resources 2 Building (ENR2)
1064 E Lowell Street, Room N120,
Tucson, AZ 85719

Can’t go? Consider hosting a watch party, as it will be streamed live on Real Progressives Facebook page. Give us your location and we will add your location to our watch party event campaign! 

Special thanks the following co-sponsors for helping Real Progressive make this event happen! 

Pima County Democratic Party
Sunrise Southern AZ

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We've known all along that Washington, D.C. Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Martha McSally are trying to take away Arizonans' health care. But now Republican lawmakers in Phoenix are proposing the same. #AZSEN #azleg

“Rather than work across party lines as an independent leader who can build a consensus and solve problems for Arizonans, @SenMcSallyAZ is playing divisive political games and proving that she’s part of the problem in Washington.” #azsen

Arizona moves up date of state, local primary to first Tuesday in August Check out #LD9Dems for events and news at @VictoriaLSteele @DrRandyFriese @P2Hannley @RepKirkpatrick

“If Roe v Wade falls these laws could go into effect. And they don’t just outlaw abortion with no exceptions, they outlaw advertising for contraception.” @AthenaSalman defends amendment to repeal AZ’s zombie abortion laws passed in 1901. Chair shuts down debate. #azbudget

“I find it ridiculous that we spent all night here following a ludicrous schedule to then have the Republican Party shut down my colleagues speech because you don’t like the topic.” @reginaldbolding after chair shuts down debate on @AthenaSalman amendment. #AZbudget #azleg

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Alison Jones –

Chair of PCDP

Notes from the Chair | April 2019

Notes from the Chair | April 2019

With Arizona now firmly in the “battleground state’’ category, the March 16 Arizona Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting was all about strategic planning for the next election cycle. Based on models from Michigan and Wisconsin – battleground states that have been successful in building their parties in “off” years – the message is clear: We cannot wait until an election year to mobilize. As we have been reminded before, 2020 will be won in 2019.

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Cat Ripley –

Executive Director

Happenings at HQ | April 2019

Happenings at HQ | April 2019

We might be in a pause between election cycles, but there’s plenty of activity at PCDP headquarters. Until April 13, it’ll be all about the Udall Dinner, which takes place that evening.

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LD 11 Update | Feb, 2019

LD 11 Update | Feb, 2019

By Steve Witthoeft, Chair LD11 Steve Witthoeft "LD11's new officers are Steve Witthoeft, chair; Ralph Atchue, first vice chair; Catalina Hall, second vice chair; Kelly Taylor, recording secretary, and Evelyn Lathram, corresponding secretary and treasurer.  Paul...

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Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee Update | April 2019

Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee Update | April 2019

I am honored and enthused to be chairing PCDP’s new Diversity and Affirmative Action (DAA) Committee. This will be a formidable task, but we certainly have the will, skill and dedication to create a Pima County Democratic Committee that more closely reflects our county’s population. If successful, the DAA Committee’s efforts should also help build a more representative electorate and party leadership.

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