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Legislative District 4

Trump’s Vanity Wall Violates Tribal Rights, Federal Law

The following statement may be attributed to Alison Jones, Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party It comes as no surprise that a lawless president would ignore a longstanding agreement to consult with the Tohono O’odham Nation before blasting lands held sacred for...

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PCDP Adopts First Platform

By Richard Wiebe “The county party needs a platform,” Tucson attorney Bill Reisner told his friend, Phil Lopes.  “Let’s make it happen.” The challenge was a perfect fit for Phil, a, longtime party activist and four-term state representative.  From joining...

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Mission Accomplished at PCDP’s County Meeting

PCDP Chair Alison Jones introduced the elected officials and PCDP officers in the room, and recognized the many volunteers committed to turning Arizona blue. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Cat Ripley, PCDP’s Executive Director, for her tireless work and incredible contributions to PCDP.

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LD4 Events

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  • Legislative District 4 covers large sections of Yuma, Maricopa and Pima Counties as well as a small section of Pinal County. 

  • Approximately 50% of registered voters in LD4 live in Yuma County, 33% in Maricopa and 16% in Pima

  • One of the 59 total precincts in LD4 is in Pinal County and contains less than 1% of the total voters in LD4. 

LD 4 Representatives in the Arizona Legislature

Lisa Otondo (D)

Arizona Senate 
(Term ends 2020)

Charlene Fernandez (D)

Arizona House of Representatives 
(Term ends 2020)

Geraldine Peten (D)

Arizona House of Representatives
(Term ends 2020)


Executive Committee Representatives

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