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Legislative District 4 covers large sections of Yuma, Maricopa and Pima Counties as well as a small section of Pinal County.  Approximately 50% of registered voters in LD4 live in Yuma County, 33% in Maricopa and 16% in Pima.  One of the 59 total precincts in LD4 in Pinal County and contains less than 1% of the total voters in LD4. 

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Legislative District 4 (Pima) - 2018 Voter Registration

Lisa Otondo (D)
Arizona Senate
Email: lotondo@azleg.gov
(Term ends 2020)

Charlene Fernandez (D)
Arizona House of Representatives 
Email: cfernandez@azleg.gov
(Term ends 2020)

Geraldine Peten (D)
Arizona House of Representatives
Email: gpeten@azleg.gov
(Term ends 2020)

Legislative District 4 Representatives in the Arizona Legislature

2018 Voter Registration  LD4 (Pima)


Democrats       7,018         50.5%
Republicans    2,296         16.5%
Other                4,576          34%
Total              22,890     100%