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Legislative District 2

Mission Accomplished at PCDP’s County Meeting

Mission Accomplished at PCDP’s County Meeting

PCDP Chair Alison Jones introduced the elected officials and PCDP officers in the room, and recognized the many volunteers committed to turning Arizona blue. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Cat Ripley, PCDP’s Executive Director, for her tireless work and incredible contributions to PCDP.

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LD2 Update | Sept 2019

LD2 Update | Sept 2019

At our August meeting, Merrill Eisenberg gave a thorough and inspiring presentation about the Outlaw Dirty Money ballot initiative.

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LD Updates | June 2019

LD Updates | June 2019

Legislative District 2Michele Manos, Chair LD2 Dems has a new Chair, Michele Manos and a new 1st Vice Chair, George McGaughey.  Our Committee continues its "Act Locally" efforts to support our PCs in establishing and maintaining relationships with the Democrats...

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Join us

The LD2 Committee usually meets the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 am.
In person meetings on hold for now. They will be conducted remotely at the regular time. Please contact us at for info.

2020 schedule
Odd number months:  Green Valley Continental Mall, Room 203, Green Valley 85622.
Even number months:  Valencia Library, 202 West Valencia Road, Tucson  85706.
Find our meeting dates at:

LD2 Events

Click to check the calendar to see what’s coming up in LD2.

  • Legislative District 2 is anchored by Tucon’s South and Southeast sides and the gateway city of Nogales by way of suburban Green Valley and Sahuarita with some of the Southern Arizona’s most scenic areas in between.
  •   Approximately 73% of registered voters in LD2 reside in Pima County and 27% reside in Santa Cruz County. 
  • There are a total of 57 precincts in LD2
    • 33 Pima County
    • 24 in Santa Cruz County.

LD 2 Representatives in the Arizona Legislature

Andrea Dalessandro (D)

Arizona Senate
(Term ends 2020)

Rosanna Gabaldon (D)

Arizona House of Representatives
(Term ends 2020)

Daniel Hernandez (D)

Arizona House of Representatives
(Term ends 2020)



Dr. Michele Manos

Valerie Valencia Bridges
1st Vice Chair

Susan Motten
2nd Vice Chair

Carol Casey

Gail Boswell
Recording Secretary

Carol Christ
Corresponding Secretary

Executive Committee Representatives
Tom Prezelski
Patrick Robles

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