Legislative District 11

Steve Witthoeft, Chair 
Ralph Atchue, 1st Vice Chair
Catalina Hall, 2nd Vice Chair
Evelyn Lathram, Treasurer
Kelly Taylor, Secretary (Recording)
Evelyn Lathram, Secretary (Corresponding)

Executive Committee Representatives
Warren Demming
Paul Taylor

Connect with Us:

Website: azld11dems.org
Email: sdwitt77@gmail.com

LD11 includes the northwest portion of Pima County as well as portions of Pinal County.  Approximately 60% of registered voters in LD11 live in Pima County and 40% live in Pinal County  There are 61 Precincts in LD11 (34 Pima and 27 Pinal.)   There are a number of active Democratic Clubs in LD11.  Please visit the LD11 website for more info about the clubs in LD11.

Click here to download a LD11 Precinct Map

Join Us

LD 11 meets every fourth Saturday of the month at the Wheeler-Taft Library – 7800 N. Shister Dr, Marana
2:00 pm

Next Meeting: June 22, 2019


Legislative District 11 Representatives in the Arizona Legislature

Venden (“Vince”) Leach (R)
Arizona Senate (Term expires 2020)
Email: vleach@azleg.gov

Bret Roberts (R)
Arizona House of Representatives (Term expires 2020)
Email: broberts@azleg.gov

Mark Finchem (R)
Arizona House of Representatives (Term expires 2020)
Email: mfinchem@azleg.gov

Legislative District 11 - 2018 Voter Registration and Voter Turnout

2018 Voter Registration (Pima Only) – Feb 1, 2019


Democrats      23,008        27.35%
Republicans   34,959         41.55%
Other                25,395          30.18%
Greens                  128               .15%
Libertarians         648             .77%
Total              84,138          100%