12th Annual Udall Dinner

Pima is the Path to a Flipped Arizona Legislature.

What happens in Arizona will have impacts felt nationwide. From the peaceful transfer of national power, codifying Roe, ratifying the ERA, Climate Change Policy, and Gun Reform – Arizona will guide the nation. We must win a majority in our state’s legislature, and that path to a majority runs right through Pima County.

Arizona Democrats are only TWO seats away from controlling the Arizona Legislature. There are 3 key districts in Pima County that will provide a direct “path to victory” statewide.

Pima County Legislative Districts 16, 17 and 23 are the path. Help us flip the Arizona Legislature – help us FIGHT FOR A BETTER FUTURE IN ARIZONA.


Keynote Speaker

Chair Anderson Clayton:

Gen Z political powerhouse, and youngest Chair of a state democratic party, Anderson Clayton. Chair Clayton serves as the current chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party – a battleground state and a must win for Biden.

Elected at only 25 years old, Anderson Clayton grew up in rural North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University. She worked on North Carolina Congressional campaigns before becoming a field organizer for the presidential campaigns of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, and then for the Senate campaign of Amy McGrath.

Chair Anderson Clayton ~ “I get asked all the time, ‘how are you a young person that’s voting for this guy…he’s the only president that’s ever looked at a place like where I’m from. I believe in that. Why would I not want someone to believe in people like me?”

Washington Post Feature on Anderson Clayton

New York Times Feature on Anderson Clayton

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Legacy Award

George and Marjorie Cunningham

Spirit of Arizona Awards:

Cathy Nichols | Arizona List

Cecilia Valdez | CWA Local

PCDP Recognition of Service

Andrés Cano | Former Arizona State Representative, LD20

Sharon Bronson | Former Pima County Supervisor, D3

Support the Pima County Democratic Party’s mission to flip Arizona – by joining us on May 11th at 6:30pm at the Desert Diamond Casino (Old Nogales Highway) for our 2024 Udall Dinner, as we rally our energy and fill the coffers to fight for a Democratic majority in Arizona’s legislature.

Complimentary Champagne Toast!


We will of course accept a check made out to: Pima County Democratic Party for “Udall 2024”.

Spirit of Arizona Awards

Every year we honor and recognize two leaders who help to elect Democrats and make impactful change in their communities. This year we honor Dr. Catherine Nichols, of Arizona List and Cecilia Valdez, local union leader and activist.


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