Pima County Elected Officials 2020

Board of Supervisors 

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is responsible for steering public policy in the region.

The five-member board provides direction to the County Administrator and the county’s various departments as they work to ensure safe communities, nurture economic development, sustainably manage natural resources and protect public health.

In addition to overseeing the delivery of a host of municipal services, from roads to parks and libraries and law enforcement, board members also are responsible for approving the county budget.

Elected to four-year terms, board members also set the amount of taxes to be levied.

New district boundaries are drawn every 10 years after the release of census data to balance the variance in population between districts. Find info on the new boundaries here

District 1

Rex Scott

(term ends 2024)

District 2

Matt Heinz

(term ends 2024)

District 3

Sharon Bronson

(term ends 2024)

District 4

Steve Christy

(term ends 2024)

District 5

Adelita Grijalva

(term ends 2024)


Suzanne Droubie

(term ends 2024)
(520) 724-8630


Laura Conover (D)

(term ends 2024)
(520) 724-5600

Clerk of the Superior Court

Gary Harrison (D)



Chris Nanos

(term ends 2024)
520- 351-4600 

School Superintendent

Dustin L. Williams

(term ends 2024)


Beth Ford

(term ends 2024)


Gabriella Cázares-Kelly 

(term ends 2024)

Justice of the Peace

What is a Justice of the Peace and over which type of cases can they preside?

Each county has justice courts that are presided over by a justice of the peace, who is elected to a four year term. Pima County Justices of the Peace have jurisdiction over civil lawsuits when the amount in dispute is $10,000 or less, landlord and tenant controversies, small claims cases, and a full range of civil and criminal traffic offenses, including DUIs. Justices of the Peace resolve other types of misdemeanor allegations, for example, shoplifting, writing bad checks, and violating restraining orders. Like other trial judges, they also handle requests for Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment.

What does “Consolidated” mean in Pima County Consolidated Justice Court?

The word “Consolidated” in Pima County Consolidated Justice Court refers to the combination of eight precincts in one courthouse. Each precinct is represented by one Justice of the Peace. Because of the Consolidation, a Justice of the Peace may hear and rule on any case from any of the eight precincts.

How many precincts are there?

There are a total of 9 precincts in Pima County, 7 of which are located here at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court.

Precinct 3 and 7 are located in their own individual courthouse.

JP District 1
Hon. Victoria Steele

JP District 2
Hon. Erica Cornejo

JP District 4
Hon. Charlene Pesquiera

JP District 6
Hon. Alexander Ball

JP District 8
Hon. Kristel Ann Foster

JP District 9
Hon. Kendrick Wilson

JP District 10
Hon. Vince Roberts

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