The PCDP has different committees to address specific concerns within the community and the PCDP organization. We encourage the public to reach out to the committee chairs to ask about information on how to join and when committee meetings are held.

Community Action Committee

Responsible for planning and executing community outreach events with volunteers from PCDP. For example, they help organize a diaper bank and volunteer road cleanup.
To learn more, contact
Dana Kormash

Bylaws Committee

Responsible for maintaining and updating bylaws through which PCDP operates as a chartered, political organization.
To learn more, contact
Gail Kamaras
(520) 405-6973

Platform Committee

Responsible for creating, updating, and adding to the PCDP party platform which summarizes the values and goals of PCDP. To learn more, contact
Alison Jones
(520) 270-2825

    Data Committee

    Responsible for working with LDs in PCDP to collect and provide data regarding voter outreach and turnout.
    To learn more contact
    Bharathan (bear-uh-thon) Kalyanraman
    (520) 323-7067

    DEI Committee

    Responsible for developing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices and policies within PCDP.
    To learn more contact
    Bharathan (bear-uh-thon) Kalyanraman
    (520) 323-7067

    Comms and Media Team

    Responsible for PCDP’s online presence by scheduling, creating, and posting on social media and the PCDP website.
    To learn more, please contact
    Maria Parsons
    (520) 591-4661

    PC Education Committee

    Responsible for creating and distributing materials that facilitate PC education and development.
    To learn more, please contact either
    Linda Horowitz at
    (520) 331-0592, or you can contact
    Diane Nevill

    Redistricting Committee

    Responsible for ensuring that Democrats’ voices are heard throughout the redistricting process, and to keep member of the public aware of what is happening in regards to the independent redistricting commission (IRC).
    To learn more, please contact
    Susan Bickel at

    Young Voters Engagement

    Responsible for young voter outreach; bring younger Democrats into PCDP by addressing issues which specifically affect young people.
    To learn more, please contact
    James Cerasia at

    Development Committee

    Responsible for creating and implementing PCDP’s budget and fundraising plan. Team members work to raise funds by retaining current donors and developing strategies to engage new donors.
    To learn more, please contact
    Judy Gillies

    Committee Updates

    We need your input

    Nearly two years ago the Pima County Democratic Party (PCDP) adopted its first Platform. The document is a list of values that address inequities in our country, our county and our party. After identifying next steps for the Platform Committee, we felt a...

    PCDP Adopts First Platform

    By Richard Wiebe “The county party needs a platform,” Tucson attorney Bill Reisner told his friend, Phil Lopes.  “Let’s make it happen.” The challenge was a perfect fit for Phil, a, longtime party activist and four-term state representative.  From joining...

    Mission Accomplished at PCDP’s County Meeting

    PCDP Chair Alison Jones introduced the elected officials and PCDP officers in the room, and recognized the many volunteers committed to turning Arizona blue. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Cat Ripley, PCDP’s Executive Director, for her tireless work and incredible contributions to PCDP.

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