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LD10 News – August 2019

LD10 News – August 2019

By Chair Bonnie Heidler

July is traditionally a slow month in Tucson, but LD10 Democrats have been ramping up our efforts to get Democrats elected. We’re hot, hot, hot!

In early July, volunteers sent letters welcoming 485 newly-registered Democrats in our LD, suggesting ways to get involved with LD10 Democrats. The project included a “Letters to New Voters Mailing Party,” which drew 27 participants.

Our July “Hoppy” Hour fundraiser at Hop Street Lounge, 7215 E. 22nd St., was a great success. We sold approximately 90 tickets, and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, beers and wines. A big “thank you’’ to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, and bid on silent-auction items. Your generosity is so appreciated! If you’re in the neighborhood be sure to check out Hop Street Lounge – and support local businesses!

Congratulations to Karen Randolph, who won the Grand Raffle Prize of a Tucson Staycation at the Downtown Clifton Hotel, tickets to a production of the Arizona Theater Company, and gift cards.

In July, LD10 Democrats began working on our volunteer-recruitment project. Our goal is to recruit enough volunteers to effectively canvass all of LD10 in 2020. The first step was a “Develop Your Personal Story” training, which drew 14 participants. Volunteers learned how to use personal experiences to connect with potential volunteers and voters. Two Volunteer Recruitment Training classes followed, one drawing 22 people, another 23. These trainings covered the best practices for recruiting new volunteers.

Finally, on July 30, LD10 Democrats will host a presidential primary debate watch party at PCDP headquarters aimed at attracting local Democrats and introducing them to LD10 Democrats and what we do.

In August, we will shift gears and conduct a “ballot chase’’ project for the City of Tucson primary election. At 6 pm on Tuesday, August 6, we’ll hold a class at PCDP headquarters on how to chase ballots. The following two Tuesdays – August 13 and 20 – there will be 6 pm ballot chase events at HQ that combine training and phone banks. LD10 Democrats volunteers will contact targeted voters in their precincts to encourage them to mail in their ballots. This project will help get sporadic voters into the habit of voting regularly, and give LD10 Democrats valuable experience in conducting a coordinated voter-contact campaign.

LD10 News – August 2019

LD 9 Event Update

LD 9 chair Kim Holaway has a quick update of upcoming events you might want to attend.

August 15 Social 7-8:30 am – hosted by Brian Bickel, LD 9 treasurer and candidate for Pima County Treasurer. Tucson Mall 4500 N. Oracle. Meet at the Starbucks near the Food Court.

Sept 7 “And Then They Came for Us” 6:30 – 9:00 pm – PCDP Headquarters, 4639 E. First Street. You will not want to miss this Highly Acclaimed Film and the following discussion. “Knowing our history is the first step to ensuring we do not repeat it. The film includes footage of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned, making the obvious connection between the ways Japanese were portrayed during World War II and how Muslims are currently being portrayed.” Film by Abby Ginzberg and Ken Schneider Featuring George Takei. Sponsored by LD9 and the PCDP and The Asian American Pacific Island Caucus. $5 Suggested Donation.

LD, Clubs and Caucus Updates | July 2019

LD, Clubs and Caucus Updates | July 2019

What’s Been Happening in LD10
Bonnie Heidler, Chair

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild spoke about “City Progress and the Challenges that Lie Ahead,” at LD 10’s June meeting, highlighting his administration’s accomplishments. It was especially interesting to hear about the challenges that lie ahead as we approach the city election in November.

Our voter outreach program continues to go well. We’d been talking up the mayor’s appearance while doing outreach, which brought several new people to our meeting. We also held a successful canvass on June 1, before the LD10 Town Hall. Twenty-seven people showed up to canvass. We canvassed again on June 22 with Nikki Lee’s Tucson City Council Ward 4 campaign.

Don’t forget to sign up for our July fundraiser, “Hoppy Hour,” 3 pm-6 pm on July 20, at Hop Street Lounge, 7215 E. 22nd St. Tickets are $20 for three flights of beer or wine; $25 for four flights. There will be food, games, and a silent action. All of the city election candidates, and LD10 “elected,’’ will be there, so you can meet and talk with them in a relaxed social setting. Come join us for an afternoon of fun.

To hear more about everything happening in LD10, come to our general meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd St. Social time: 6 pm; business meeting 6:30 pm – 8 pm. We won’t meet in July. Our next general meeting is August 21, during which we will present our LD10 Voter Registration Call to Action plan.

July PCDP Disability Caucus Report
Sue Kroeger

The Democratic Disability Caucus held its monthly meeting at DIRECT Center for Independence on June 13. After a short business meeting, the Caucus hosted a mayoral forum. Randi Dorman, Steve Farley and Regina Romero are running in the Aug. 27 primary. All three candidates appeared and responded to questions from moderator Zach Coble concerning paratransit, accessible housing and playgrounds, ADA compliance, paths of travel – sidewalks and curb cuts – Medicare for All, and disability-awareness training for first responders. Responding to audience questions, the candidates expressed support for increasing accessibility and creating welcoming environments for all disabled people, including people with cognitive, psychiatric, and chronic health conditions. They said that they would like to continue meeting with the disability community to better understand its issues and concerns.

LD Updates | June 2019

LD Updates | June 2019

Legislative District 2
Michele Manos, Chair

LD2 Dems has a new Chair, Michele Manos and a new 1st Vice Chair, George McGaughey. 

Our Committee continues its “Act Locally” efforts to support our PCs in establishing and maintaining relationships with the Democrats in their neighborhood territory. A top priority is welcoming newly registered voters (with a visit or call) within 6 weeks of each VAN update, and we’ll collaborate with the Democrats of the Santa Rita Area to send welcome letters to selected new voters. We’re planning, in the fall, to begin approaching independent voters who participated in the 2018 Democratic primary to encourage them to register as Democrats in order to vote in the March PPE.

We are formulating our “LD2 Outreach” program to reach precincts that are understaffed or have no PCs, and to create a District Committee that is more reflective of our constituents. As a start, we’ll be attending local events, hosting informal gatherings and going to the doors of new voters to welcome them.

Legislative District 9
Kim Holaway, Chair

The current Quarterly Theme for LD9 is: Precinct Building and Voter Engagement.The PC and Volunteer Committee has identified precinct leaders for approximately 30 of our 57 precincts. We had our first Precinct leader meeting on May 19 with nearly 30 leaders attending. Strategies and ideas for PC recruitment and voter registration were discussed. We now have 200 PCs!

Party building activities are continuing with a Happy Hour at Tap and Bottle (Ina and Oracle) on Tuesday, June 4, 4-7pm. Be sure to check out the new LD9 t-shirts!!!

Rachel Cheeseman will be our featured speaker at our June meeting. She will be discussing Poverty in Pima County. Please join us on June 25 at 6:30-

Legislative District 10
Bonnie Heidler, Chair

LD10 met on May 15 at Unitarian Universalist Church (UUC).  Significant items on the agenda included:

  • Presented our Voter Outreach project.
  • Discussed our first Voter Outreach project of Voter Registration and had a brief high-level training.
  • Plan to have people at 4 libraries in LD10 every Saturday for 2 hours, as well as events and the DMV.
  • Discussed the need for volunteers at the Monastery.
  • Our next meeting will be on May 15 at UUC.  We will be discussing our Communications plan.

Legislative District 11
Steve Witthoeft, Chair

May was a busy month for LD11. We held our annual fundraiser on May 4 and raised a record sum for District 11. Our guest speakers were Mark Kelly and David Fitzsimmons. Alison Jones, PCDP Chair, also attended the event.

On May 19 we held our first PC Summit to train and inform PC’s, volunteers, and wannabe PC’s. Steve Farley was our guest speaker. An individual packet was custom designed for each attendee giving them Democratic talking points, a walk list of Democrats in their precinct, and information on LD11 demographics and election results for 2018. We signed up several new PC’s and each attendee filled out a pledge sheet to commit to a fixed number of hours per month they would volunteer at a variety of activities. Many also signed up for our four Issue Action Committees on Public Education, Voter Registration, Environment, and Legislative Outreach.

Last but not least, we worked with Field Team 6 to hold our first voter registration event in Tucson. We had over 20 local and several FT6 CA volunteers who were trained and hit various “hotspots” around Tucson. We were able to sign up 122 new Democratic voters in just 2 days. We plan to hold future registration events around southern AZ using the FT6 methodology. Thanks to Evelyn Lathram, Gil Wier, and our LD11 officers and PC’s for all the success.

LD  Updates | May, 2019

LD Updates | May, 2019

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (LD2), Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (LD2), Rep. Daniel Hernandez (LD2), Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales (LD3), Rep. Alma Hernandez (LD3) and Rep. Andres Cano (LD3) answer questions from constituents at the Candidate Forum hosted by LD2 and LD3

LD2 and LD3 Town Hall

By Barbra Tellman, LD 2 PC

On Sunday, May 28th, all six legislators from the two Legislative Districts spoke and answered questions from a 60-person audience at our combined Town Hall at the Valencia Library. They addressed a wide range of concerns, including education funding, dealing with violence and suicide, voting rights, public health, border issues, climate change, water, transportation, ERA, the proposed budget, and how citizens can and should influence the Legislature. Michele Manos, interim LD 2 chair, skillfully moderated the session.

LD 3’s new trifold brochure, in both English and Spanish, talks about the district, has voter- registration and election tips, and clearly states what the party stands for. Click here to download the Spanish version. Click here to download the English version. Copies are available from the LD and at PCDP Headquarters.

By Kim Holaway, Chair LD9

The PC and Volunteer Committee is identifying precinct leaders for each of our 57 precincts. We currently have 195 PCs, with a goal of 230 by year’s end. Precinct leaders are being trained to organize PCs and volunteers for activities related to our quarterly themes leading up to the 2020 election. Some precincts will “adopt” precincts that have no PCs.

Many precincts are thanking our fall 2018 “targeted” voters – those who didn’t vote in 2014 but did in 2016 – with door-to-door palm cards or postcards. Undoubtedly these targeted voters contributed to LD9’s high voter turnout.

Our Voter Registration Committee is identifying strategies for registering new voters through the fall. Current efforts include high school and community college students, new residents, special events, and specific locations. By winter, we’ll be emphasizing the Presidential Preference Election (PPE) and targeting voters registered as Independents (who’ll need to switch to Democrat to vote in the PPE).

About one-third of LD9 voters live in the City of Tucson. We’re encouraging them to attend city election and initiative events. Many of our PCs and volunteers are circulating Outlaw Dirty Money petitions and are involved in supporting the Pima County Preschool Investment Proposal and the Red for Ed movement.

We’re raising money through Blue Wave 2.0 recurring donations and LD9 t-shirt sales. The popular LD9 Happy Hours – a great way for new PCs to meet others in a relaxed setting – will continue. We collected donations for the Benedictine Monastery refugees at our last LD9 meeting.

Our next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, May 28, 6:30 p.m.- 8 p.m. at Water of Life Metropolitan Community Church, 3269 N. Mountain Ave. Meetings feature speakers and state legislative updates. Please join us!

By Bonnie Heidler, Chair LD10

It has been a hectic first quarter in LD10, as we gear up to elect Democrats for Tucson’s mayor and city council. This is part of laying the groundwork for 2020: electing Democrats at the federal, state, and local level.

We launched our Voter Outreach program, designed to register voters, grow our volunteer base, and increase the number of PCs in LD10. We’re off to a good start on the latter, having added 16 during the first quarter of 2019, raising the total from 96 to 112. Our goal is to recruit 50 new PCs by the end of the year.

We also had a very successful fundraising event in March with LD9: our joint St. Patrick’s Day lunch. U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly, and the Tucson mayoral and city council candidates spoke. An all-woman Irish rock band played (led by PCDP’s executive director, Cat Ripley). We are now planning our July fundraiser: a beer tasting and silent auction.

Please join us at LD10’s monthly meeting, the third Wednesday of the month at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd St., 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. (social time 6 p.m.) Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will talk about his accomplishments as mayor and his vision for Tucson’s future at the May 15 meeting.

By Steve Witthoeft, Chair LD11

We have been busy in the first quarter of 2019 planning our annual LD11 fundraiser, which we held on May 4 in Sun City, Oro Valley. The theme was Cinco De Mayo. Speakers included U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly and Arizona Daily Star editorial cartoonist/humor writer, David Fitzsimmons. Look for a recap in the next newsletter.

In our efforts to increase voter registration, our Voter Action Committee has been working with a great group from Southern California, called Field Team 6, which helped turning Orange County blue. We will soon start holding events in various “hot spots,” and hope to register many new Democratic voters. As the registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by 17,000 in our district, we need as many new Democrats as possible!

We are also planning our first PC Summit, on May 19 at the Oro Valley Library. The objective is to engage and train our PCs and recruit new ones. Steve Farley, candidate for Tucson Mayor, will give the keynote speech.

We’re planning to move LD11’s monthly meetings around our enormous district, which encompasses 2,000 square miles.

LD 11 Update | Feb, 2019

LD 11 Update | Feb, 2019

By Steve Witthoeft, Chair LD11

Steve Witthoeft

“LD11’s new officers are Steve Witthoeft, chair; Ralph Atchue, first vice chair; Catalina Hall, second vice chair; Kelly Taylor, recording secretary, and Evelyn Lathram, corresponding secretary and treasurer.  Paul Taylor and Warren Deming were elected to represent LD11 on the PCDP Executive Board.

At our January meeting, we established four new Issue Action Committees: Public Education, Environment, Voter Outreach and Registration, and Legislative Outreach. These committees will work with other LD’s, outside groups, and our eight Democratic clubs to stay informed and take action to advocate for their causes. The committees will educate our legislative candidates, other LD11 PC’s, and the communities within LD11, on issues relating to their committees. We also named two new Club Coordinators to make sure we are working with the Democratic clubs in our district.

Sarah Richardson from AZED101 will address our next meeting on how Arizona funds public education. We meet at 2 p.m. the fourth Saturday of the month at  the Wheeler Taft Abbett Library, 7800 N Schisler Lane, Marana.

Democrats on the Tohono O’odham Nation

Democrats on the Tohono O’odham Nation

By Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, LD9 PC Precinct 134

Pima County Democrats were present and abundant at the 81st Annual Tohono O’odham Nation Rodeo and Fair in Sells, AZ! The Rodeo and Fair is usually held over the first weekend in February and is the largest social event for the Tohono O’odham Nation. This three-day event draws nearly 10,000 people every year!

Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Edward Manuel; State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman; Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias; and PCDP Chair Alison Jones take a group photo prior to the parade.

The big weekend begins with an early Saturday morning parade through Sells, and ends Sunday at midnight with a concert on the fairgrounds. There is an all-Indian rodeo, traditional games, singing and dancing, a Battle of the Bands featuring waila music, powwow, a basketball tournament, an exhibit hall, concerts, a carnival, and food, food, and more food.  

This year, riding or walking alongside the parade float of Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Edward Manuel, Vice-Chairman Verlon Jose and other tribal dignitaries, were PCDP Chair Alison Jones, LD 3 Sen. Sally Ann Gonzalez, Pima Community College Board Member Luis Gonzales, Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias, and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman.

LD3 Senator Sally Ann Gonzales (member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe) walks alongside the Tohono O’odham Nation Executive Officers’ Parade Float

LD4 PCs teamed up with a local community organization, Indivisible Tohono, to table at the fairgrounds. Community members had the opportunity to play a Plinko game to win stickers, buttons or candy by naming their federal, state or tribal representatives. Visitors enjoyed the game and prizes, and many enthusiastically shared their frustrations with the current political climate.

Marietta Martin, LD4-Pima PC, chats with a community member

Issues that constituents brought to the table included the border wall, the increased militarization of Tohono O’odham lands, the federal-government shutdown’s impact in Indian Country, the concern for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW), and voting rights for rural communities.

Mark it in your calendar for next year! Everyone is welcome!

We had a lot of young visitors! Future voters!