AZ Senate – LD17

Amy, a Tucson native, is a passionate advocate for her community and a prominent figure in the fight for positive change. As a candidate for the Arizona State Senate, she brings a wealth of experience, a deep-rooted commitment to public service, and an inspiring life story of perseverance.

“I was raped, and I have a very personal connection to abortion. I lived at the time in Oklahoma, which was then and is now an abortion desert. When I found out that I was pregnant, I went to a Planned Parenthood center,” she said. “Church groups in red states with large evangelical populations will infiltrate clinics like Planned Parenthood. They will send plants in to be volunteer counselors. And I was a victim and eventually sent to a crisis pregnancy center.”

“Before I realized what was happening, I was too far along to get an abortion procedure in the state. And that hurdle I faced getting abortion care immediately infuriated me. I went back to my policy roots and thought, what can I do? Because I need to make sure that this never happens to anybody else. Not on my watch.”

And true to her word, Amy is best known for her decades of work to ensure reproductive freedom, including abortion access. She believes that individuals should have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies and reproductive health, without interference from the government. She has fought for comprehensive healthcare services, access to contraceptives and the protection and restoration of reproductive freedom.

As a community advocate, Amy has worked tirelessly to improve public education. She firmly believes that every child deserves access to a high-quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Her efforts have led to increased funding for schools, improved resources for teachers, and the expansion of educational programs that benefit students from all walks of life.

Recognizing the vital role that small businesses play in local economies, Amy has been a staunch supporter of small business development. She understands that these enterprises are the backbone of our communities, providing jobs, driving economic growth, and fostering a sense of belonging. Amy will work to reduce bureaucratic barriers, increase access to capital, and promote entrepreneurship, ensuring that small businesses thrive in Arizona.

As a mother of four children, and, at one time, a single mother, Amy understands the challenges faced by families and strives to create a better future for all children in Arizona. Through her work and dedication, she aims to build a state where every child can thrive and succeed. Amy is committed to bringing her unwavering passion, dedication, and diverse experiences to the Arizona State Senate. Her life journey, from overcoming personal obstacles to becoming a respected community advocate, has shaped her commitment to fighting for the rights and well-being of all Arizonans. Amy is determined to create positive change and build a brighter future for the people of Arizona.


Twitter: @amyforaz


Committee to Elect Amy Fitch
9095 E Tanque Verde Rd
Unit 171-309
Tucson, AZ 85749

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