I’m Kevin Dahl, lifelong active Democrat and elected Precinct Committeeperson, precinct 166, LD 3, running for Tucson City Council Ward 3. In the last decade, my Democratic work has been centered around volunteering on local campaigns, in particular as a regular for Congressman Raul Grijalva. I currently have received endorsements from Rep. Grijalva, Pima County Chair Sharon Bronson, AZ Rep Andres Cano and AZ Sen Kirsten Engel.

As a longtime conservationist and community leader, I have learned a lot about the pressing environmental issues we face—climate change, clean (and affordable) water, clean air, protecting the fragile Sonoran Desert – and how they affect the underrepresented members of our community the most. I have seen how inclusion, building coalitions, finding resources, careful research, and listening are important elements to achieving success. I’ve done this work as executive director of Native Seeds/SEARCH, executive director of Tucson Audubon Society, and for the last decade for National Parks Conservation Association as their Arizona representative.

My family and I have lived in Ward 3 for 38 years. My wife, Bam Miller, is a retired TUSD special education teacher and for 8 years has been president of our neighborhood association.

I understand from direct experience the issues facing Ward 3, from crumbling roads to lack of affordable housing, dumping of trash to public safety. We need to bolster existing neighborhood associations, support new community leaders, and help re-establish neighborhood associations in areas where they have gone dormant. Our path forward must include climate-friendly sustainable jobs – weatherizing homes, installing solar, etc. It must include support for locally-owned businesses, labor, and greater support for home ownership. We need to invest in infrastructure, transportation, and affordable housing. I will tackle these issues by being accessible and transparent in what I do, and by working hard.
My life experience has included challenges and opportunities, and obstacles faced and overcome that has made me a strong candidate for this position. I finished college when I was working full time. Until I married I was without a car and relied on my bicycle and public transportation to get around. My wife and I raised a son while we both worked full time. I have been executive director for nonprofits that dealt with complex personnel issues, financial crises, and a whole lot of customer service. My life experience has taught me the value of persistence, being kind, good and open communication, and working together.

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