Hello Pima Dems! I am so excited and grateful to take on the role of Executive Director for the Pima County Democratic Party. I am proud of the work we have all done to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Pima County during this last Midterm Election cycle. We had some big wins!

I remain committed and humbled to support PCDP. My current priorities:

  • Making sure our Headquarters building is secure and welcoming.
  • Coordinating our fantastic corps of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers – they teach me something new every day.
  • Implementing a formal training program for new volunteers.
  • Bringing on several wonderful Interns from the University of Arizona Political Science Department.
  • Ensuring our digital files stay updated and secure.
  • Working to help the new Chair and leadership realize their vision for PCDP.
  • Collaborate with our fundraising teams to develop a bold and creative path forward.

As we pause during the winter holiday; I am reflective of the tremendous effort – this midterm took – by all of our volunteers and activists. We truly cannot do things alone; and we all have value; no matter how we contribute to the cause.

What is going on at HQ?

  • We had a wonderful Volunteer Appreciation Brunch at the Blue Willow for all of our dedicated HQ volunteers. They do so much more than just answer the phone! 
  • Volunteer Projects: Our Lead Volunteers are immensely talented, networked in our community, and knowledgeable. They have taken on projects such as: Training, Intern Coordinator, Building Coordinator, Events, and Rural Outreach. We have many ideas in the hopper for future events and training that will take place at HQ in the New Year. Stay tuned! 
  • We are also working hard to train all newer volunteers on petitions, Request To Speak (RTS,) Canvassing, etc., we are undergoing a “Train the Trainer” program as we speak! 
  • Lots of updating of our files to reflect our new PCDP leadership team.
  • General reset of the building post election; taking signs to Councilperson Kozachik’s recycling program, organizing and auditing supplies, some yard work too!

I wish everyone a peaceful and restful holiday season; We will be closed from Dec 19th – January 3rd. Please stop by HQ anytime after that – our door is always open! Happy New Year! 

Shelly Burgoyne
PCDP Director

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