For the last month and a half, our office has been dedicated to helping candidates get the signatures they needed to get on the ballot. With regular Saturday Signature Slams and various canvassing groups, we now have a long list of Democratic candidates in each Pima County Legislative District!

Speaking of Legislative Districts (LDs), we have successfully completed the once-every-ten-years process of reorganizing! Our new LDs organized in Pima County are 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21. LD16 is organized by Pinal County and LD23 is organized by Maricopa County. Since these two LDs still cross into Pima County, we have PCs representing Pima County on both of those boards. 

Our interns have been a huge help in regards to entering data, setting up events, managing the office, and contacting voters in high-priority precincts. In addition to our interns, we are also onboarding a new Communications Director who will be helping me manage all of the many projects we have that are intertwined with our fundraising goals and outreach plans.

Our fundraising plan has never been stronger, now that we have a new First Vice Chair and Development Chair at the helm! As a note, the general population may not be aware that PCDP is entirely self-funded, with occasional grants from the AZ State Democratic Party. The cost of keeping our office open and staffed has a significant monthly impact on our funds. In order to accomplish more on the ground and out in the community, we need to make sure that we have sufficient funds to offset these monthly operating costs. We ask you to please consider giving monthly to the PCDP.

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