As you know, the Pima County Board of Supervisors recently approved the use of voting centers in Pima County.

Now more than ever, we need YOU to show Pima County why voting centers are ESSENTIAL to creating a more equitable election process. Show your support for this decision by giving the Elections department your feedback! 

Here are some talking points you can use, although we HIGHLY suggest using your own words:

  • The current precinct model is overly complicated and makes it more difficult to vote.
  • The precinct model puts an unnecessary burden on working families, who have to arrange their schedules and transit around getting to a specific precinct polling center. Voting centers allow voters to go to the most convenient location for them, making voting much more accessible. 
  • Voting centers are required to be accessible to all voters, so when choosing locations for centers, they must take into consideration those voters from communities which are often excluded from polling locations, such as rural voters. 
  • Voting centers are already used in 11 out of 15 counties in Arizona, leaving Pima behind the curve. Additionally, the proposed vote centers would use e-pollbook technology, which is already used by every Arizona county except for Pima County. It’s time for Pima to catch up to the rest of the state.
  • Voting centers make voting both faster and more secure, cutting down check-in times significantly and eliminating human error from the check-in process.
  • Voting centers would save Pima County over $100,000 per election by reducing the need for provisional ballots. 

Moving from our current outdated system to the vote center model is not a scary new leap: it’s just catching us up to the times. 

Make your voice heard and let Pima County Elections know that voters support vote centers NOW!

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