We need your help: The Board of Supervisors is voting to approve Vote Centers on Tuesday, 2/15 at 9am! The Supervisors need to hear from you!

Plan now to submit comments and/or attend the virtual meeting. If you are attending, consider signing up to speak using the instructions below.

The Board has been getting the same, factually incorrect comments from Republicans. They need to know that the majority of the general public is widely in favor switching to a vote center model to make voting more accessible to everyone.

Our goal for Pima County is to have 5 speakers, an additional 20 supporters in attendance, and 50 written comments sent to the Board of Supervisors!

Voting Center Talking Points

  1. Vote Centers would enable any registered voter to cast their ballot at ANY Vote Center in Pima County on Election Day!
  2. Voting locations would stay the same for rural communities PLUS any registered voter would be able to cast their ballot at ANY of the 100 locations! No more being told you’re in the wrong place!
  3. Pima is behind on the technology 11 of the 15 counties in Arizona are already using Vote Centers!
  4. It’ll increase the number of valid ballots counted! Every vote counts!

4 Ways You Can Help

  1. Submit your written comments to: COB_MAIL@pima.gov
  2. Call your County Supervisor! Numbers below.
  3. Sign up to speak for 3 minutes at the virtual meeting on Tuesday, 2/15 at 9am. Call (520) 724-8449 to get on the agenda.
  4. Share this info!

Supervisor Contact Info:

Supervisor Rex Scott, District 1
(520) 724-2738

Supervisor Matt Heinz, District 2
(520) 724-2702

Supervisor Sharon Bronson, Chair District 3
(520) 724-8051

Supervisor Steve Christy, District 4
(520) 724-8094

Supervisor Adelita Grijalva, Vice Chair District 5
(520) 724-8126

Please email Miranda Lopez director@pimadems.org with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

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