What are some of your favorite parts of volunteering here in the office?

My favorite would have to be the yard sign room during the 2020 election. An absolute madhouse at times, and so much fun. My second favorite lately would have to be lending an ear to the frustration of Democrats in regards to voting rights and labor legislation on the hill, and having information about how to act on that.

How long have you been volunteering here?

 I have been volunteering in the office only since 2019. Between 2015-2019 I came in for phone banking and canvassing during elections.  

What inspired you to start volunteering for the Democratic Party?

I have been a Democrat all my life. My parents were both good Democrats. I went to high school here in Tucson and Mo Udall used to drop by the school’s cafeteria for little chat sessions, as both of his daughters went to CDO .The first election I worked on was George McGovern’s Presidential campaign when I was 17 and in college in Lawrence, Kansas. After that I continued as a precinct captain, campaign manager for a state election, and basically anywhere I was asked. I lived in Spain between 1988-2014 (ask me about the wonders of National Health!) As soon as we came back to the US, here in Tucson, I contacted the PCDP and here I still am.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Judy!

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