From Mike Dayton, Chair of the Democrats of Oro Valley

Tom Meconi began working with the Democrats of Oro Valley at the Northwest Democrats’
office during the 2016 election. He organized, instructed, and cheered on volunteers and then
comforted them after Trump’s disastrous win. Tom became a DOV member soon afterwards.
There were good fights to be had and Tom was ready to jump in. Later, he joined the DOV
Leadership Council. His fresh ideas included: VOTE t-shirts, VOTE masks, letters of
accountability to Sinema and others, postcards to Independents, and helping Get Out the Vote
during the 2018 mid-term election. Tom led a voter registration drive via Field Team 6 and was
instrumental in the successful Oro Valley petition drive of 2021. To quote his wife Jean, “Tom
lived his life with passion and unwavering direction. He was a man of principles.”
Tom brought heart to our club with his warmth and caring. Our eyes well with pride as we
remember a life well lived but taken too soon.

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