Bonnie Heidler, the head of the Pima County Democratic Party wrote about the impact of the American Jobs Plan on Arizona by focusing on broadband. She stated:
“The American Jobs Plan will be great for Arizona as it provides substantial funding to fix so many of our problems. And, there is a direct relationship between the problems in Arizona and how they impact already marginalized communities. For example, the pandemic created a situation for families where schools were closed and children had to be online for school. If a household had a computer or was given one by the school, the fact that so many of our rural areas don’t have internet access, prevented the student from being able to attend school. The funds allocated to broadband will solve that problem and allow our marginalized communities to now have internet access, giving them opportunities that currently don’t exist for them.”

Author, Gordon, D. (2021, April 13). Arizona will Greatly Benefit from the Biden/Harris American Jobs Plan. Blog for Arizona. https://blogforarizona.net/arizona-will-benefit-greatly-from-the-biden-harris-american-jobs-plan/

Mr. Gordon’s article gives us a quick look at the portions of the plan that specifically references Arizona. Read the whole article HERE.

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