This week, the Arizona State Senate will hold a floor vote on SB 1268, a harmful bill backed by corporate lobbyists that threatens your healthcare and retirement benefits. We need your help to stop this bill. CLICK HERE to write an email to your Senator urging them to vote NO on SB 1268.SB 1268 would create costly administrative requirements on labor organizations with no benefit to the public. It will do nothing to help Arizona’s workers. In fact, this legislation violates the US Constitution and several federal laws – meaning it would lead to expensive lawsuits if passed. The truth is, this legislation is being pushed by out-of-state interest groups who want to take away the voice of working people. They want to weaken your collective buying power and make it much harder for unions to operate. If SB 1268 is passed, it would be a gross overreach by the Arizona Legislature. We must fight back against this government intrusion on your right to negotiate with your employer. Ahead of this week’s Senate floor vote, we need to put the pressure on and demand the State Senate oppose this bill. Write to your Senator urging them to vote NO on SB 1268.In Solidarity,
Fred Yamashita, Executive Director
Arizona AFL-CIO
Arizona AFL-CIO
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Mike Roberts (he, him)Senior Western Region Field Representative
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Aaron Essif,  LD11 Corresponding Secretary

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