Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and his gang of insurrectionists spread lies about a stolen election and helped organize the coup attempt at the US Capitol on January 6.  

Paul Gosar MUST BE REMOVED from office. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) PAC supported Representative Paul Gosar more than any other PAC throughout his career. Paul Gosar has received over a quarter million dollars from different dental-related organizations. It’s time to let them know our smiles don’t support their insurrections.

Help us demand the ADA stop funding insurrectionist Paul Gosar!

Here are some actions you can take!

Quote Tweet @AmerDentalAssn on Twitter

Watch the Join the Gosar Siblings #CallYourDentist video.  Share them on Facebook

Call the American Dental Association at 312-440-2500 and tell them “Stop Funding Insurrectionist Paul Gosar.”

Sign the petition link and receive Action Updates! Share on social media. 

Visit RemovePaulGosar.org for further information and to see videos.

Further Actions are planned later this week in Chicago, Scottsdale, Prescott and Gold Canyon.  

Arizonans! Please call the Arizona Dental Association (480) 344-5777 and let them know you want the ADA to “Stop Funding Insurrectionist Paul Gosar.”

Tim Gosar
Jen Gosar
Dave Gosar

#CallYourDentist to #RemovePaulGosar

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