It appears that the effort to recall Mark Finchem has stalled. Creosote Partners recommended that Rural AZ Action take over the recall campaign and they in turn have decided to take another tact. Please read past the headline of the article below to the end section about the Finchem recall for more details.
Tucsoncom article
You may want to let them know how you feel about the recall Mark Finchem effort:
Creosote Partners
Rural AZ ActionYou can also call House Speaker Rusty Bowers (602-926-3128) and ask him to expel insurrectionist Mark Finchem (R-LD11). Below is the contact information for AZ House of Representative members.
AZ House Roster
List of AZ House Leadership
And don’t forget the power of the pen. You can also write letters to the editor that Mark Finchem must be expelled for his actions before, during and after the January 6th insurrection.
Follow us on “demsov.org” or at the Democrats of Oro Valley facebook page.
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