The Yav Dems are organizing a petition to #RemovePaulGosar 

It is a Remove petition and not a Recall petition. It is oriented towards getting enough nationwide signatures to give to congress to encourage them to #RemovePaulGosar

There are also links to the “Sedition Must Be Punished” video made by Thirdeye Pushpin Media about Paul Gosar. 

By refusing to recognize the results of the certified election and supporting allegations without evidence Congressman Paul Gosar encouraged the terrorists and seditionists disrupting our constitutional process. Furthermore Paul Gosar encouraged the rally~riot~insurrection~coup attempt that stormed the capital building. He continues to agitate against the norms of our democratic republic.

Please help the Yavapai Democrats encourage current members of Congress to expel Paul Gosar

“Sedition Must Be Punished Twitter

“Sedition Must Be Punished” Facebook

“Sedition Must Be Punished” Youtube

Please sign and share the #RemovePaulGosar Petition which we will present to House leadership and the Arizona Congressional delegation

John Lutes
Yavapai County Democratic Chair

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